My pinterest spring clean

Oh pinterest you mysterious magical beast! How do I tame thee?

When I first started my pinterest account it was really just for my personal use: I used it to gather crafty ideas, not drive traffic. I pinned quite randomly and my boards were all organised into materials rather than style or theme. It was very practical for how my head works… probably not so great for other people.

As time has gone on my interests have grown and so has my love for pinterest.  I’ve also become much more interested in my pinterest being another extension of Crafternoon Cabaret Club.  I’m sure others have had to go through this but changing anything from personal to professional can be a bit of a slog (please say I’m not alone in thinking this!) so now I’ve finally taking the plunge and given my pinterest a great big spring clean, including deleting pins. Dun Dun Derrrrr.  I’ve never understood when it comes to pinterest whether deleting is good or bad, or totally pointless but I haven’t deleted before and I’m feeling rebellious so…

These are my top Pinterest spring clean tips:

  • Delete any pins that no longer inspire me
  • Clean up my board titles, add categories, descriptions and cover pics from my own blog
  • Create some new boards that capture my wider interests (travel, cocktails, hairstyles, cute animals!)
  • Move my blog content board and my instagram board (which updates automatically thanks to IFTTT) to the top.  I signed up to IFTT a while back and I love how it’s helped streamline some of my social media activity.  It stands for If This Then That and is all about linking up your accounts so they work harder for you!)
  • Pin regularly but lightly – I read a tip that pinning just a few pins at a time but more regularly can have a big impact – let’s see if it’s true
  • Follow new pinners and check out who my favourite pinners follow
  • Be picky and only pin visuals I love – even if the idea is great, if the photo’s no good leave it out
  • Keep it personal – try where possible to pin direct from websites, bloggers etc – I don’t mean don’t repin by this (definitely do lots of that) but I want to try and avoid pinning round up posts (20 ideas on how to use bottle caps etc)
  • Like pins – you don’t always have to repin to share the love
  • Regularly refresh – across time work through my boards and ditch the pins I no longer like, or that have had no interaction
  • Schedule tweets to share my pinterest account
  • Share individual boards across my social media channels and on relevant blog posts

I want my pinterest approach to be imaginative rather than practical,  sparky rather than over organised, like a great big mood board not a filing cabinet. I want to love using pinterest as much as I love instagram!

I started making changes in February and I’ve already noticed an increase in my followers, activity on there and click throughs to my blog.  If you have any other tips please do share in the comments. AND come pin with me!



4 thoughts on “My pinterest spring clean

  1. Pinterest was my big obsession, then I met Instagram…. Now I feel guilty for abandoning it cos I still love it so… Thanks for the tips. Some interesting things I hadn’t thought of. I’ve got two accounts as I didn’t want my blog to be immediatley associated with some of the more dweeby boards I have!

    1. Same here – I seem to flit between Instagram and Pinterest depending on my mood. I love them both because they’re so visual! I’m impressed you have two accounts – I find it hard enough to keep my different twitters going. Are you zeens and roger on there?
      Hannah x

      1. Yes! I’m Zeens and Roger everywhere!! 🙂
        It’s good keeping things separate. My personal account is much more about inspiration & potential ideas (as well as the geek stuff) than what I think is good imagery.

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