The 100 Day Project 2016


The 100 day project starts tomorrow and I have finally umm’d and ahh’d my way into taking it on again this year.  The umming and ahhing was pretty serious stuff because whilst I enjoyed the challenge 100 days is a really long time and there were days when I was just tired and grump and hated it! But – onwards and upwards!  The premise is simple – what could you do with 100 days of making?  Pick an action, create your hashtag #100dayof___, take a photo every day and share on instagram with #the100dayproject.

Last year my theme was simply making.  Make something everyday for 100 days, be it calligraphy, sewing, origami, spending 10 minutes knitting – I just had to find time to make.  Looking back I think this theme was just too open and it also made me feel like I had to complete something every day which just wasn’t practical, and at times was pretty stressful.  This year I’ve decided to focus more on my photography.  I absolutely loved Natasha’s 100 days of triangles project – the focused moved from creating and just sharing that it happened on instagram to using photography and instagram as the creative process itself.

gin flat lay Crafternoon Cabaret Club

I’ve been taking a much more editorial approach to my instagram of late and I think this is a great opportunity to push that and challenge myself, although I didn’t want to pick a theme that would make it suddenly look completely different!  I’ve really enjoyed creating more styled shots – using materials and flat lay technique (with a little bit of whimsy thrown in) so I’ve decided to go with 100 days of flat lay… (I’m already feeling stressed while writing this… so much commitment!)

Follow my challenge over on instagram and let me know if you’re mad enough to also be taking this challenge on!



5 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project 2016

    1. I loved it – although I did find that there were days last year where I just didn’t want to do it – but it was great inspiration to push through and I loved having to prioritise being creative. I’d just recommend you choose a theme that is fairly straightforward and leaves lots of room for flexibility! Thanks for stopping by, Hannah

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