Playing with patterns and Creative Daily Challenges

On my list of skills I wanted to try this year was fabric design.  Really what I meant by this was trying my hand at creating patterns.  It’s an area I have never really considered before: I’m by no means a graphic designer and I’m always in awe at the beautiful creations digital makers and painters can summon up.  I do love to doodle and I really enjoy losing myself in the world of patterns in pinterest, but I just haven’t done found the time to do anything…. more official…

So I was really excited when I spotted the new 30 day Challenge that Fran at Fall for DIY has launched to help people find time to be more creative!  It’s such a fantastic idea focused on using just 10 minutes each day to eventually make creativity a natural part of your life.  So far the days have focused on creating a beautiful journal in which to work, and finding and recreating patterns you discover in the world around you (perfect for fabric design!).  I have (shamefully) not started yet, but I’m saving all the prompts so I can work through it at a later date.

Part of the hold up is that I’m debating whether to do The 100 Day Project again which starts on Tuesday…. It almost killed me last year – there were days when I hated that project BUT it also made me think outside the box about creativity and I got to try a whole bunch of new crafty skills.  Both of these projects are a really fantastic way to take on and practice a new skill, or to focus your creativity in a fresh new way.

In the meantime I’m going to start playing around more with my little Samsung tablet that handily includes Photoshop Touch.  One idea I had as a way into bigger fabric design projects was to start small….really small…. with nail art.  Zazzle actually have an option to print your own designs onto nail wraps so… watch this space….

Have you ever taken part in a daily challenge?


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