26 thoughts I had sewing my first dress

Recently I decided to bite the bullet and sew a dress from scratch for the very first time. Already a challenge I then decided to try and make the dress in 1 sewing session, across 1 day. Sure.  Thankfully my mum offered to help or I think I would have ended the day still dressless and crying in a pile of useless fabric remnants clutching an invisible zip…

I can’t share the dress just yet as it was a make for Minerva Crafts….(ooooh the anticipation must be killing you!) but in the meantime..

These are the thoughts that ran through my head sewing my first ever dress:

1. Here we go! My first dress. EXCITED. COM. I am seamstress hear me ROAR!

2. Measurememts. I’m aware these are important and now I wish I hadn’t eaten so much chocolate at easter…

3. Ok. Time to get cutting. Snip snip. Snippety snip snip snip. Im like edward scissorhands! Oops almost cut the wrong line there. Focus.

4. Mmmm tea. Love tea. Tea soothes all.

5. Right. Patterns and fabric are cut out. Where am I in the instructions… probs step 5 by now….




……………I’m on step 1. All the start of step 1. Cutting out patterns and fabric wasn’t even a step. It was a negative step. I’m never going to finish this in one day.

6. Darts are my absolute worst

7. Fabric chalk is my absolute best!

8. Just called the pinking shears crimping shears… remember crimping?  God that was such an awful trend…

9. Is it time for more tea yet?

10. Sewing seams is my jam.  I am GREAT at sewing seams

11. The first bit of the bodice is done! I can actually put it on. THIS. This right now. Is success. Someone bring me a medal and champagne!

12. Just been told I shouldn’t drink while sewing. I have mixed views about this.

13. Bodice to skirt. I feel like the dress is basically done! Except I’m on step 6 of 18 so this can’t possibly be true…

14. ‘Put in the zip’. That’s a whole step and… That’s it… how the hell do I put in an invisible step.

15. Muchos googling and watching of youtube… oh dear I seem to have accidentally watched 3 videos in a row of cats falling off things….

16. Ok. Back on track. Got my zipper foot in place… little test run… the tensions gone. Why has the tension gone? why is my zipper foot looping the hell out of this thread?

17. It can’t be the foot. I’ll just do a test with a normal foot – tension is fine. Back to the zipper foot – loop loop loop-bloody-tastic… sing it loud – What’s Going On??

18.RIGHT. I’m going rogue. Screw it. It’ll be fine. Normal foot, quite a lot of yanking the zip about.  Romeo done. I feel so smug right now…

19. Wow. The zip step took almost two hours. I am never going to finish this damn dress.

20. I could… stop. I mean what would be the harm… What’s the worst that could happen? Oh yeah – it’ll join the mountain of unfinished projects clogging up my desk and never see the light of day again.

21. Bodice facings. I need to pink the edges again… wait what was that? My mum has done this?? While I was faffing around with the darts? Win!

22. I think we might actually finish this. And I think it might be pretty… good?

23. Just realised I forgot to try it on again midway through… fingers crossed…

24. IT FITS!!! AND IT FITS WELL! I’m so happy I could cry… or maybe thats the delerium.

25. And we’re finished!!! 8 and a half hours. What a day. My god I’m exhausted. Someone bring me a gin! I could sleep for a week. I never want to look at another invisible zip again…

26. We could do another… maybe this time something with. .. buttonholes?

Can you relate to any of these? What goes through your head when you’re sewing?


4 thoughts on “26 thoughts I had sewing my first dress

  1. You are hilarious! You’ve beautifully captured the roller coaster of exhilaration, confusion, and dejection I’ve experienced *every single time* I’ve plugged in my sewing machine. But good on you for finishing an entire dress — and in one day, no less! You’re my hero.

  2. That’s hilarious, can’t believe you decided to do it all in ONE DAY!! And with vino in hand! Haha! And all those new techniques to master too… Can’t wait to see the dress, and I bet – in spite of all of that – you can’t wait to make another one 😉 Sew addictive… X

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