A new embroidery project

At the start of this year I made some inspirational embroidered wall hangings.  I really loved the result – particularly that I could decorate my workspace the handmade way with a little message to keep me smiling.  I have a real fascination with embroidery – I follow tons of beautiful embroiderers on instagram (I should probably do a post sharing my favourites) and I love the texture and detail that can be achieved by layering up threads.  It’s another craft that I’ve always done a little of but never really challenged myself in.

So I decided to take a little more time for embroidery this year and see if I really could master a greater range of stitches and up my embroidery game.

Continuing on my theme of wall hangings I’ve started to stitch more regularly.  The topics range from messages of delight to just downright cheeky stitchery (!) and it’s really fun planning the stitch types, colours and backgrounds I’m going to use.  I’ve also been photographing as I go (hooray) so I’ve been thinking about what I can turn those photos into at the end….

Here are a few of my favourites!  I’ve got another 2 on the go currently and I’d loved some more ideas for what i should stitch next!!

march makes 014

Chain Stitch and teeny tiny birds

embroidered words be brave in hoop

Simple typography ups my backstitch game.  

march makes 012

Satin stitch and SASS

My next Crafternoon Cabaret Club on April 30th at The Book Club, Shoreditch is also all about embroidery so if this looks up your street come and craft with me!


2 thoughts on “A new embroidery project

  1. Love this ! I am on s bit of an embroidery kick myself …. I love the ones with lettering & they look great in any room . I put some crochet mandalas in hoops too great way to liven up a room. Please share your list too ☺️

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