pompom and wool wrapped wreath

Crafty Beggars in the House

You may have spotted me shouting on twitter about being on the telly recently! I was a guest on the show Crafty Beggars – being interviewed by the lovely Julie Peasgood and Wendy Turner-Webster. I actually met Julie at The Handmade Fair and I was so so chuffed to be invited on.

On my episode the other guests were the lovely Elspbeth of Ragged Life and Caroline from Tiny Treats Boutique.  Also some of my fave crafters will be appearing in the next series – Momtaz, Katie and Claire!

pompom and wool wrapped wreath

I had a great time chatting to Wendy and Julie all about Crafternoon Cabaret Club and sharing some of my favourite makes, and the filming was so much fun – we were in Wendy’s very beautiful house in Richmond which gave me serious house envy!

cupcake pincushions Crafternoon cabaret Club

You can now catch up on my episode on youtube (thanks for spotting and sharing Momtaz).

Its a really fun show packed with crafty guests tips and new makers to discover so have a watch.  Click through for when and where it’s on.


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