How to have the perfect Crafternoon

Crafternoon: An afternoon spent gloriously reveling in all things crafty

I am clearly a lover of craft and so one of my fave ways to spend an afternoon is making stuff.  I always have a load of projects on the go (read: unfinished) and I like to flit between them (read: get distracted easily) so finding time to craft is a bit of a necessity… to ensure I don’t end up trapped in my flat in a mountain of wool and fabric remnants.

But hosting a crafternoon of your own is not just for self confessed craft hoarders – anyone can organise their own crafternoon, cosy up with cushions and your best mates, get a bit creative, and while away your day with chit chat and washi tape.

Here are my top tips for the perfect crafternoon:

Grab your best buds

Gather your women, pull your pals together, turn up on your sisters front door.  Whoever you want to craft with make sure they’re someone you can have loads of chat, laughter and mild hysterics with so they don’t judge you when you get stressed about the positioning of your ribbon.

Crafternoon Cabaret Club gin artwork

Keep it simple

Choose a craft that’s fairly simple and free.  What I mean by this is choose something that leaves loads of room for your to inject your own personalities.  Make cards, sew cute hair clips, stamp designs onto bags.  It’s much more fun if you can spend the time being creative with a really simple craft, than getting stressed out tackling something complicated.

paper punch

Gather your supplies

Buy your supplies beforehand and give yourselves lots of choice.  I love raiding the shelves of Tiger, paperchase or Hobbycraft.  Another top tip is even to choose a colour scheme – that way you can buy lots of bits and pieces so you have lots of choice, but on the whole everything will go together so it doesn’t look like a rainbow unicorn threw up on you… unless of course that’s the look you’re going for… in which case GO UNICORNS!

Stay Hydrated

I, ahem, tend to prefer my Crafternoons with a G&T… or a wine… or a cheeky cocktail or two… I’ll just leave that with you…


Cover up

If you are making something messy with paint, tons of glue, or anything that’s going to shed all over you then cover up with an apron.  I got mine as a crafty gift from Zazzle and it’s so so useful when I’m running messier Crafternoons.

apron 1

Make a playlist

Keep yourselves energised, or super chilled, with a playlist of music you love to accompany you through the afternoon.  There’s nothing quite like music to lift you up when choosing between buttons (why is it so difficult!!)

Treat Yo Self

You can be super cute at the end of your Crafternoon and gift your make to one of your pals… but… if you really love it and want to keep it that’s totally cool.  No judgement here!

Happy Crafternooning


*I received the apron for free from Zazzle for the purpose of this post


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