Learn at Home with London Jewellery School

London Jewellery School have just launched some exciting new online courses!  That’s right – courses that you can take from the comfort of your own home and in your own time.  It’s a fantastic initiative, not only because it means people living in other parts of the UK can now learn from their brilliant tutors (who are all professional jewellery designers) but also because being a busy person no longer means you have to miss out.  I absolutely loved my experience taking a 5 week evening course in beading at LJS but I did struggle to make my calender work so I could go to every session – and that was only for a short course.   Crafters always seem to be busy people don’t they – I think because they’re curious and enthusiastic about all the things so any way to gain a new skill that can squeeze into an already overloaded schedule gets double thumbs up from me.

The next course they’re launching is the Silver Jewellery and Silversmithing course.  The expert on this course is Michelle Leaver who was my teacher for my stacking rings class – she’s really personable and fantastic at explaining techniques.  The course will cover how to set up a jewellery station at home, cutting metal, creating a silver ring, cutting intricate shapes in copper, silver or gold, soldering, polishing and texturing metals (one of my workshop highlights).  There’s so much content packed in and it’s been really thoughtfully put together to set you up with all the skill’s you’ll need to make your own silver jewellery for fun or for business at home.


Right now there’s even a 50% off sale which ends on April 15th.  This brings the course price down from a really reasonable £89 to just £44.50.  Check out the pre-sale deal here.

The other online courses include: Fashion Jewellery, Wire Jewellery, Metal Clay, Make a silver ring and Making metal clay charms.  LJS have kindly sent me the Fashion Jewellery course to try out so I can’t wait to share how I get on (and obviously make a ton of gorgeous new jewellery!).

Obviously making from home means that you’re going to need the right equipment and LJS are also in the process of developing kits for each course – which means you don’t have to go crawling around the internet to locate materials you might not be that familiar with. Some kits are already available and where they haven’t finished creating a kit they have provided a handy list of materials needed for each course with links for where to find them.

Check them out and check back here to see how I get on delving into the world of fashion jewellery.  What jewellery skills would you like to learn?

This is not a sponsored post – although I have been given free access to one of the online courses for the purpose of review.  Please note this post includes affiliate links.


3 thoughts on “Learn at Home with London Jewellery School

    1. Their courses are really brilliant. I’m trialling the fashion jewellery course now and I’m really enjoying it – and it’s great to be able to go at your own pace
      Thanks for reading
      Hannah x

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