sew over it betty dress pattern

My first dressmaking pattern

I’ve just bought my first dressmaking pattern and I’m finally finally going to tick off a resolution of about 2 years back that I would make something to wear. It’s a Betty dress from Sew Over It – in a simple vintage style and I’ve chosen some simple polka dot navy cotton dress fabric to make it with. Luckily my mum has agreed to make this first dress with me!

Do you have any tips for a first time dressmaker?

sew over it betty dress pattern


12 thoughts on “My first dressmaking pattern

  1. I’m sure you’ll be fine… BETTER than fine! You’ve got such an eye for detail, and are a creative perfectionist (I think!) – so I’m not going to say anything, apart from, SHOW US THE FINISHED DRESS!! x

    1. I’ve finished hemming it now so soon soon! It was actually fantastic to do especially with my mum helping! Although i probably won’t be trying to make a whole dress in one day again for a while…. maybe a skirt next? x

      1. Definitely – enjoying it and eating biscuits ended up being quite important haha! Also I can’t believe how much difference simply pressing the fabric made to each stage – it does wonders! x

  2. Love that pattern, I’d go and buy it if I didn’t have about 4 unmade patterns sat in my fabric drawer. Each time I get a new pattern (and fabric) I chicken out and don’t make it. I will soon though.
    And one of the things I find helpful is to take it really really slowly. I can be good at sewing if I take my time. Usually I rush things though and it all goes wonky and wrong!

    1. Haha I FEEL YOUR PAIN! While looking for this pattern I had to stop myself buying about 6 others – it was all so so tempting! But I have the same issue that they’d just sit there with me being too nervous to make them. You should take the plunge and start one! What’s the worst that could happen x

  3. When cutting the fabric remember the adage ‘measure twice, cut once’ (I have to reind myself of this as I can be a little impatient!). When sewing don’t stress if you make a mistake, it can be unpicked and re-sewn. And above all, enjoying making the dress, and then wearing your creation! Good luck and have fun!

    1. I am SO impatient when I’m sewing but I’m going to try and really stick to that line for this make! And I cant wait to have it finished so I can wear it (the best bit right!) πŸ™‚
      Thanks for stopping by! X

  4. If you’ve grabbed your mum to help, get her to take your measurements. While you stand straight and look ahead. Do make a toile, and even two or three if needed. Adjust your pattern accordingly. And when sewing: iron, iron, iron. Or rather: press. Each and every seam, before a new one is sewn across. You’ll get a rather professional looking product in the end if you do. Take your time, don’t hurry – and hand sewing does not bite. πŸ˜†
    Good luck!

    1. Great advice! Thank you. I’m really glad to have my mum on hand to help with the first one and I will definitely be ironing everything – thats probably the advise I’ve been given most haha!
      Thanks for stopping by x

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