Flowers for days with Evian

The other week I went to the most beautiful event for the launch of Evian’s new flavoured water range.  I was the lucky guest of Sarah and so after meeting up early on Carnaby Street for a glass of wine and a gossip we skipped along to Liberty (aka my fabric mecca) where we were greeted with a room absolutely full of beautiful, breathtaking, blossoms and blooms!  Evian had teemed up with the very talented Nikki Tibbles of Wild At Heart – a luxury flower brand who also have a concession in Liberty.



The room smelt incredible and was the perfect setting for Evian to launch their new recipes which combine unique pairings of fruit with botanicals; lemon and elderflower, grape and rose and raspberry and verbena – Yum.  Sarah and I quickly made ourselves at home with a glass of fizz and took a million photos of the blooms that filled the room.  We then clocked that the table was actually set up for a workshop – Happy Days!


Nikki led us through a masterclass where we created our own bouquets, picking up tips as we went about how to arrange the flowers, and how the shape of the bouquet needed to spiral around so that the flowers would lie neatly against each other.  There were so many blooms to choose from – all inspired by the Evian water range.  Sarah was quick to go for peachy blush tones (which were absolutely beautiful) and I couldn’t resist the raspberry reds (I’ve always had a soft spot for pink and red roses).

As we worked (ha – worked) we tucked into sweet and savoury canapes, most of which were embellished with edible flowers: a really beautiful touch that made everything seem that little bit more magical.   We even supped on a gin cocktail created with the Evian raspberry water that was so pretty it begged to be photographed!



It was a rather star studded affair with other guests including Daisy Lowe and Amber Le Bon and there are some great snaps up on the Wild at Heart blog… although funnily enough the photographers weren’t that interested in us (!)

I was delighted to leave with not one but TWO gorgeous bouquets to brighten up my flat – what better way to end an evening!




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