DIY: Easter Egg garland

Need some last minute easter decor?  Look no further!  This simple garland will take you 20 minutes and give you instant eastery colour-pop joy!

I have a bit of an obsession with Tiger Stores at the moment – particularly their pattern design.  Every few weeks a new range comes out with a beautiful new colour palette.  Recently they’ve had some seriously gorgeous geometric prints and their eastery range is all about minty greens, soft pinks and peaches – beaut.

For this fun garland you will need:

  • A few A4 sheets of decorative card, or thick paper
  • Washi tape in coordinating colours
  • Bakers twine to hang your garland

Step One: Create an egg template and draw out 8 eggs onto your decorative card.  Cut these out

Step Two: Use the washi tape to add extra detail in stripes across each egg

march makes 023

Step Three: Lay your eggs face down and lie the bakers twine along the back – leaving lots of spare twine free at either end so you can tie the banner up.  Use washi tape to attach the twine to the card.

paper easter egg garland Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Step Four: Hang your garland against a wall or arrange beautifully down the centre of your table

paper easter egg garland Crafternoon Cabaret Club

paper easter egg garland styled Crafternoon Cabaret Club

What do you think?  and how pretty are those easter eggs from Tiger (see what I mean about the colour scheme – so happy and spring-like)

This post was created with Tiger Stores.  I received the materials for free but design and ideas are my own




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