DIY: Felt Easter Baskets

Easter baskets can make really sweet table centre pieces, and as part of my craft hoarding challenge I had, had, had to use up some of the mountain of felt that I own!  Once you’ve mastered the simple weaving technique you can play with size and colour – this design is pretty easy so also a great once to make with kids!

You Will Need:

  • A few sheets of A4 felt in 2 contrasting colours – I went for two shades of green
  • Scissors
  • Daisies/flowers/easter embelishments
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Cut your felt lengthways into strips roughly 1 inch wide.  I used 5 of each colour in total for my small basket.   Two strips will end up as the sides of your basket so think about this when plotting out the size.

Step 2: Lay 5 strips of the same colour out on a flat surface so they line up.  Now weave the strips of your second colour into these – each strip should go over and under, alternating as you go.

march makes 031

Step 3: Pinch each corner together to create the sides of the basket and glue with your glue gun.  You can also add an additional strip of felt on the inside to add some strength to the basket (as I have in the photo below)

Step 4: Chop the ends of the felt into grass-like shapes

march makes 033

Step 5: Add embellishments and fill your basket with easter eggs!  My little daisies and those sweet pastel eggs are all from Tiger Stores

march makes 037

What easter crafts have your been making?

All of the materials from Tiger Stores mentioned in this post were gifted.  Design and ideas are my own



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