10 Creative Easter DIYs

Spring is in the air (finally) and easter is on it’s way which can only mean one thing: my pinterest is about to become full of very beautifully designed eggs, cute bunny crafts, florals and baking!  There are tons and tons of cute DIYs for kids out there but your easter decor doesn’t need to be all card cut-outs and glued on pompoms (although I do love a pompom!).



Check out these 10 DIY’s for a beautiful handmade Easter:

DIY Faceted Easter Egg place card holders from Sugar and Cloth

Easter Bunny Cactus Planter from Fall for DIY

Marbled Easter Eggs from Alice & Lois

Polka Dot Easter Cake from Sugar Hero

Gold Leaf Eggs from Little Inspiration

Origami Bunnies from Paper Kawai

Strawberry Easter Eggs from Style Me Pretty

Colourful Egg Candles from Hello Glow

Galaxy Easter Eggs from Dream a Little Bigger

Easter Terrariums from Design Improvised

For more of my favourite Easter ideas check out my Pinterest board


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