Look Lane Launch Party

Look Lane is an exciting new online platform for selling crafts and handmade products that will be launching at the end of March. It’s the brainchild of Debbie Ingle, who also runs the gorgeous Duck and Duffle. I met Debbie a few years back at the first Mollie Makes Handmade Awards – she’s a right babe and full to the brim with talent.


I love the concept of Look Lane – a website made to look just as beautiful as the products being sold through it. The concept is really heartwarming – imagine a town of beautiful little streets,  full of beautiful little shops, full of even more beautiful goods and that is Look Lane.  Every shop can be customised to really represent the maker, and as a buyer you can literally go skipping down the lanes window shopping until you find an aesthetic that really speaks to you. Dreamy right?


The launch was held in Ninth Ward in Farringdon. It’s a really cool, quirky bar with some quite incredible decor.   Stained glass, statues and gorgeous exposed wooden beams make for a really cosy setting and it doesn’t hurt that they make a GREAT mojito.

I also got to catch up with some absolute gems like Sinead (Crafty Fox), Carmen (crafty queens) who travelled from Amsterdam especially for the launch, and I finally finally got to meet Sammy and H from Live it, Love it, Make it. I love going to events like this and being able to properly meet people I chat to online – hopefully I can start squeezing in a few more.

Look Lanes launches at the end of March so make sure you check out their facebook page for all the latest news so that, when they open, you’re all set and ready to leap into the lanes


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