Clearing out my craft cave

It’s become apparent over the last year that I have developed somewhat of a craft cave.  It’s pretty difficult to navigate, who knows what treasures are hidden away, and quite frankly the height of the piles could cause a collapse at any second.  It’s a dangerous and yet delightful place with a real hold over me.  I feel attached to every single item within but I couldn’t possibly tell you what they were, and I know there are hundreds of projects just waiting to be made!

Sizzix are so on the money with this:sizzix craft hoarder

I didn’t really set this as an official resolution but I am really keen to make a dent in my colossal hoard of craft materials this year.  I find it incredibly difficult to be disciplined when it comes to craft.  I’m a bit flighty to be honest, so I have stacks of materials from techniques or projects I tried only a few times.  Also, in my defense, as I run craft events I have to have a certain number of some craft items: no-one needs 30 pairs of round nose pliers… except I do… and no-one could possibly have a need for that. much. felt. Unless you’re me. Again. Felt is so useful!

Finally I want to actually sort out the ridiculous mess that is my craft cupboard.  I don’t have a dedicated craft room (yet) but I must end the madness of how it’s currently ‘organised’.  I think I’m going to be doing quite a lot of pinning to get some new inspiration..

What are your best tips for storing and clearing out craft clutter?




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