PhotoGEMS: Inspiration Wall

Clipboards – not just for the over organised, stationery lovers among us but also an amazing way to hang photos, prints and inspiration in your home.  In my quest to find new ways to use and display my photos I’ve been thinking about how you can keep home design fresh – particularly when living in a rented flat, or if your space is quite small.  I’ve been really enjoying making  decorative crafts for my home recently (from cushions, to photo garlands, to pompom wall hangings and even year-round wreaths) but there’s only so much wall space I can claim.  So of course the next step is to find a way to easily change up your wall displays – enter the beautifully decorative clipboard!

decorative clipboards Crafternoon Cabaret Club

I found these gorgeous designs on Zazzle.  Gold, polka-dot and distressed white wood?  Pretty much a blogger and crafters dream colour scheme!  I hung my clipboards and staggered their heights to create a mini salon hang effect (more ideas for salon hangs here).  I used a couple of prints that I received from Yoohoo mail, a very awesome monthly stationery subscription box (I’m a bit obsessed with the ‘smile’ camera print) and I threw in a mounted postcard I picked up from a mac and cheese stall months ago (it says #cheesuslovesyou… it’s genius).  I hung another clipboard over my desk with a to do list – although the design is so pretty I’m not sure I can bear to write anything on it…



I love the sense of creativity these little beauties have added to our lounge and I’m really looking forward to swapping new prints in as the mood takes me, and possibly some calligraphy as well.  I’m sure I’ll also print off some larger photos to include at some point.

*This is a sponsored post working with zazzle.  All thoughts, designs and opinions my own and as always if I didn’t blooming love it i wouldn’t blog about it.



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