Making Lately: Year of Collaboration

I haven’t written a Making Lately post for a while – partly because I’ve been so damn busy I haven’t had much time to get my thoughts in order!  Having said that some absolutely amazing things have already happened in the last few months that I am ridiculously happy about.  I wanted to collaborate more this year, I even had some dream brands to try and work with… and magically it’s all started to come together! So here are a few of the exciting things I’ve been up to:

modern embroidery crafternoon cabaret club

  1. Grr Tiger.  I’ve done a few workshops with Tiger and they’ve been so so much fun.  I really love working with them as a brand because they’re really friendly and open to ideas.  It’s much much more about collaboration than sponsorshop which suits me down to the ground.  So I am really delighted that we’ll be carrying on and creating more events together.  Watch this space!
  2. Razzle Zazzle them.  I started chatting with Zazzle after running a lovely workshop for Sarah that they sponsored.  We brainstormed lots of ideas and agreed a whole series of posts – from reviews to creative DIYs.  you might have noticed a few on the blog already (like these Galentines cards).  There are some really fun and exciting creative posts on the horizon and I can’t wait to share them.
  3. Paperchase Pompoms.  Guys – I’ve been working with Paperchase!! This is a really exciting one for me as they were actually a brand I was desperate to work with and was dreaming up collaborations to approach them with.  THEN the lovely Charlie shared a tweet with me that they were looking for crafters to design workshops.  So I’ve been having loads of fun creating pompom workshops for them to run across their stores.  The workshops will focus on either contemporary, eye-catching honeycomb pompoms, or fluttery, feminine tissue paper pompoms and it’s been an absolute blast.  I’m even going for a photoshoot to be filmed running a demo next week! but my favourite thing was having a house FULL of example pompoms (not sure my husband was quite as thrilled – but he did try) Did you spot them on instagram?
  4. Just call me The Editor.  A brand new magazine has been launched for Bloggers by Bloggers called Bloggeration (there is a fab intro all about the magazine here).  This fantastic venture has been created by the wonderful Sarah and I’ve taken on the role of Crafting Editor.  I was extremely nervous to say the least writing my first piece (all about craft for a new generation) which is strange because I blog so much now – I think it felt a little bit different creating for someone else’s platform… plus I was writing alongside some bloggers that I really admire so… pressure.  The magazine has an editor for everything from agony aunts, to travel, to food, fashion, shopping, luxury, DIY (with the very excellent Fran of Fall For DIY I might add!), international editors, theatre, gadgets and gaming… the list goes on.  Do check them out – I think it’s really important to shout and cheer when people are doing amazing things in the blogging industry, plus you’ll probably discover a whole host of new bloggers to read which is only a good thing
  5. Crafty Beggars in the House!  This is a new TV show on the community channel all about craft – created and hosted by the lovely Julie and Wendy.  I met Julie at The Handmade fair and she invited me on as a guest, so bright and early one January morning I made my way to Richmond for filming.  It’s such a great show – each episode has a few crafty guests who either talk about their business and hobbies, demonstrate a tutorial or champion a technique.  I had so much fun filming and Julie and Wendy were even lovely enough to give me a shout out in their Crafts Beautiful column.  The first episode was on March 1st at 8pm and you can spot my face on the community channel, alongside Elspeth of Ragged Life and Caroline Ellis on Tuesday 29th March at 8pm and see all the viewing times on their facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Making Lately: Year of Collaboration

  1. Wow, you have been busy! Congratulations on all the collaborations. I’ll certainly put your TV appearance in my diary and tune in. 🙂

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