Books: Modern Crochet by Molla Mills

Molla Mills might just be my crochet guru for 2016. Her fun and contemporary designs take crochet onto a whole new level for me. I was given her book, Modern Crochet for my birthday and on first glance I really wasn’t sure whether, as a beginner, I’d be able to manage the designs. I mean yes I’ve been flirting with the world of crochet for a while, but never seriously, and always alongside a multitude of other crafts.  How wrong I was!

Molla Mills modern crochet book

Modern Crochet provides an amazing selection of crochet projects for the home plus some beaut accessories.  From cushions, to bags, to lampshades and necklaces, and even a brilliant section on designing your own patterns there’s a project for every level and also a really achievable journey for a beginner to improve their crochet by working through different designs.

I particularly love the aesthetic of this book.  Molla uses loads of thicker twines and yarns which create a really unusual and contemporary style – it also meant I could use up my stash of zpagetti yarn from my recent Minerva Crafts crochet projects.

Molla Mills modern crochet basket

My first project (which I mentioned here on my WIP January post) was a gorgeous striped basket.  Despite using a colour changing technique that I’ve never done, and I’m still not 100% sure I did correctly, Molla’s tutorial guided me through really smoothly and very quickly I was able to put the book down and just crochet for the joy of it.  Modern Crochet really flies the flag for monochrome design and pretty pastels but because the pattern designs are quite clean and simple it’s incredibly easy to swap out colours.

Next I’m really keen to try the chain jewellery and the lampshade and then if I’m feeling brave the gorgeous monochrome cylinder bag.

Molla Mills modern crochet jewellery

This book has really opened up my eyes to contemporary crochet… so… what should I read next?


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