A mini blogging break

I took an unplanned blogging break last week. I was starting to feel massively overloaded with an ever growing to do list and generally a bit overwhelmed so I felt rather than putting content out there that I wasn’t happy with I’d press pause and let myself regroup.

I’m a bit of a busy person to a fault really – I like having different projects on the go and using my mind in different ways as much as I can.  But that approach can mean that I get myself involved in a huge number of projects and sometimes every deadline comes at once! I also work full time – so blogging and Crafternoon Cabaret Club are something that I do in my spare time – I love it but sometimes life just gets too busy. There are some really amazing bloggers who can keep working full time alongside running a business and I’m always a bit in awe of them.

What I’d like to be able to do is just draw a line and take a bit of time to get my head back in a good creative space, but mainly the time I take away from one project is immediately absorbed by another more urgent deadline!  So I’ve been making a conscious effort to cut back, get myself ahead, prioritise properly and actually take some time to look after myself.

I’m currently in Lyme Regis on a little recuperating mini break with my husband so we’re going for walks, eating nice food, gadding about on the cob a la Jane Austen and generally chilling out a bit.  I had a few posts in the pipeline so I’m going to spread these out over the next few weeks so I can get myself back into a good creative space.

The upside of all this business is that I’m involved in some really exciting projects: from designing workshops for a brand I LOVE, to writing a whole load of creative blog posts, to becoming the craft editor for a new blogging online magazine (ee!!) it’s all kicking off.  I can’t wait to share more with you.

In the meantime enjoy these snaps from gorgeous Lyme!!

Hannah x









7 thoughts on “A mini blogging break

  1. Oh I so know how you feel! I work part-time, am freelance the rest of the time, blogging, doing major house renovations and planning my wedding in August. I feel like I am being pulled in a million directions and being useless in all of them! Sometimes you’ve just got to give yourself a break (and where better than Lyme Regis? I’m originally from Crewkerne so we spent lots of time down there as a kid, I love it!). x

    1. It’s easy to get overwhelmed – and that sounds like you have a huge amount on! I was also planning my wedding last year and I completely stopped running events for about 4 months because I just felt like I was spreading myself too thinly. I hope all of your wedding planning is going well – I loved making my decorations!
      Lyme was absolutely stunning. it’s the first time I’ve been and the fresh air and walks were so restorative. What a beautiful area to grow up in 🙂
      Hannah x

    1. I’m sure you do – you’re basically my wonderwoman inspiration for working full time and running a full time business! I read your ‘a day in the life of’ blog recently I was blown away by how much you achieve in one day 🙂 xx

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