A little bit of love for my ladies

I’m a strong believer that every woman needs to be surrounded by an equally awesome, clever, talented, fiery, feisty pack of ladies – an Army of Huns if you will (coined by my delightful babe Katie).  They may be loud (check), they may be opinionated (check), they may even have the capacity to drink you under the table on a monday night and still get through work the next day, but above all they are the ones who understand everything you have and will ever say, even if you never say it.

So I headed over to my buddies at Zazzle to create some heartfelt momentos to send to these Goddesses!  Zazzle have tons and tons of designs that can be personalised really easily but you can also create your own designs from scratch, so if you have a fantastic idea for a witty card, mug, print etc then that option’s open to you without any need for you to be a designer!  You can see all the create your own options here.

What I love about this service is how easy it was to use.  With Galentines on the brain I had a few fun ideas for cards and it was as simple as choosing background colours, fonts and then typing away.  I seemed to fixate on teal and darker colours for my makes (I’ve maybe had enough of valentines pink and reds for now?) but I love the finished look.


In true Galentines style I wanted to celebrate the best things about my GALS and these are going in the post today ready for the big day!!



(obviously there had to be a little feminist one in there)

Thanks Zazzle – will you be my Galentine?

*This is a sponsored post working with zazzle.  All thoughts, designs and opinions my own and as alway if I didn’t blooming love it i wouldn’t blog about it.s


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