DIY: Galentines Bracelets

Does anyone else remember spending hours making amazing intricate friendship bracelets when they were kids?  I do – and I remember destroying my parents furniture in the process as I looked for suitable surfaces to tape or safety pin my threads to (all will be sacrificed in the name of friendship bracelets!).  I feel like so many fashion statements from my 90s childhood are making a comeback at the moment.  Please say you remember those stretchy, tattoo style plastic chokers? I LOVED rocking them in my grungy days and now … they’re back in topshop guys – look!.  So I am totally jumping on this bandwagon and flying the flag for friendship bracelets!

In case it had escaped your notice Valentines day is fast approaching (yeah yeah I know – I’ve been crafting themed blogs for a week now!).  But did you know that the day before – february 13th is actually another super important day of love and all the feels?  It’s GALENTINES ladies – coined by Lesley Knope in Parks and Recreation this day is also about showing some love for your ladies!

This blooming excellent Buzzfeed article sums it all up perfectly.

So let’s celebrate your best Gals and Pals with stacks of Galentines Bracelets!  Here’s how:

You will need:

  • A pile of beautiful coloured threads
  • Scissors
  • Tape or a safety pin (and something to attach to)

galentines bracelets 005

Getting started:

  1. Choose 3 – 6 colours and cut 2 arms-lengths of each
  2. Fold your threads in half
  3. Make a knot in the folded end leaving a small loop
  4. Tape your loop down to the table

Design One – Easy V 

  • Lay out threads out so the colours are symmetrical
  • Starting with the outer right thread bring this into the centre
  • Now bring the outer left thread into the centre and over your first thread
  • Gently pull the two halves to tighten
  • Repeat these steps until your bracelet is the correct length

galentines bracelets 004

Design Two – Plait-Y-Puss

  • Split your threads into three sections (matching colours or mixed)
  • Plait your threads – Bring the right hand thread into the centre, then bring the left hand thread into the centre
  • Repeat these steps until your bracelet is the correct length

To finish simply tie a double knot in the end.  You could also add a tassel if you wanted using your left over thread.  To wear your bracelet pass the knot through the loop.

Happy Crafting!

galentines bracelets 007



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