Show those bookworms some love

This is a fun little make for a card to show some love to your favourite bookworm (although make sure you don’t cut up their favourite book to make this… they’ll never forgive you).  I’ve even included a sweet little bookmark to keep them thinking of you while they fall deep into another literary land.

You Will Need

  • Cardstock – white and red
  • 1 tatty old classic that even the owner has given up on
  • a decorative paper punch
  • Pencil, scissors and a gluestick

To make the card

Step One: Fold your white cardstock in half

Step Two: In pencil draw a tree shape onto your book page and cut out.  If you don’t like sketching you could always find an image online and trace.  If you can find page that has a few interesting words or phrases on it even better.  Novels are far better than poetry books are they’re likely to be more evenly covered in text.

card making Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Step Three: Glue your design into place

Step Four: Now use your paper punch to cut out lots of decorative shaped from your red card.  I cut out flowers and added them as blossom on the tree, with a few on the floor like fallen leaves.  I am loving these sweet little paper punches at the moment and you can check out my recent blog; 3 ways with Paper Punches for more ideas on how to use them.

To make the bookmark

Step One: Draw two matching hearts onto your red cardstock.  The base of your heart needs to be a right angle so it can sit neatly over the corner of a book so I used the corner of my card as a starting point.  For the second heart you need to include a rectangular tab on either side (see below).

card hearts Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Step Two: Glue the tabs and stick the two hearts together – creating a sweet corner bookmark to tuck inside your card!

DIY valentines bookmark Crafternoon Cabaret Club

book card with heart bookmark Crafternoon Cabaret Club



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