Some very awesome circular knitting needles

Circular knitting needles have been on my to – buy list for months but I had kept putting it off because of sizing – what’s the point of buying a random size of needle without knowing what you’re making? And then in terms of choosing projects and buying tools I always want to get the most use from my investment.

In a craft blog club chat interchangeable circular knitting needles came up as a ‘wish list’ tool. These clever little needles can be taken apart so that you can change needle size for different projects. Added bonus is that when you store them you’re only dealing with trying not to tangle up one cable rather than loads.

For christmas I was lucky enough to be given some of these very amazing needles. Mine came from Knit Pro and included needles in sizes 3.5mm- 8mm, plus three different lengths of cable and a handy storage bag.

jan makes 030

I’d bought some gorgeous chunky yellow and grey wool at the Knitting and Stitching Show and so my first project is making a big cosy chunky cowl in moss stitch!

jan makes 037

One of my new years resolutions was to be saving money this year so I’m trying hard to use materials I already have for my making rather than buying yet more wool! Hopefully this will also encourage me to sort out my craft stash and discover some fabric gems that I’m convinced are hidden away in the depths.  I’ll also be working on some refashion posts to turn some old jewellery that I never wear any more into something that I can use.

Do you have any tips or project ideas for using up stashed away materials?


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