A cocktail for January: The Dry GINuary

It may be January but I’ve never gone in for the Dry January trend… and I do love a good cocktail so…

cocktail making

Just before Christmas the Mr and I headed to The Hospital Club for an evening completely dedicated to cocktail making.  I absolutely love The Hospital Club – they’re a creative industries members club really close to Covent Garden.  they host tons of fun events, have lovely cosy bars that stay open until late and make a killer roast.  I also run a Crafternoon Cabaret Club there every so often and it’s such a lovely (and luxurious!) venue to get my hands on.

Ever the keen beans when drinks are on the cards we arrived bang on time and were welcomed with beautiful mulled wine and canapes.  The mulled wine was absolutely delicious and the barmen explained that rather than heating the wine and adding spices and fruit they first created a spiced syrup which was then added to the wine –  this unique method of making helps keep the flavour (and alcohol content) strong.

cocktail making

The evening ended up being just 8 of us and our task was to create a cocktail to be added to the January menu.  We had a huge table of ingredients: spirits, juices, fruit, chillis, and lots of items to decorate our finished drinks with.

Although victory was snatched from us (we came second and completely blame the time our cocktail sat for before being tasted… not that we’re bitter…) I was really pleased with our creation – so here it is!

The Dry Ginuary - a Crafternoon Cabaret Club cocktail




50ml Gin

25ml cranberry juice

5ml ginger juice

10ml sugar syrup

squeeze of lime

Add all of your ingredients into your cocktail shaker over ice.  Shake what your mama gave you and pour through a sieve into a Marie Antoinette glass (so called because it was meant to resemble her breasts in shape ooh err!).  Garnish with red berries and a sprig of rosemary twisted around a cocktail stick.

Cheers! Sante! Prost!


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