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Hey there 2016 – let’s make some goals

This would traditionally be the moment I set out my goals for 2016 but the issue is 4 days in and a ton of redrafts of this very post and I’m not feeling that inspired.  I’ve got a little bit of back to work blues, and I think by taking my time to post these goals some of the reality of going back into juggling work, blogging, events and certain life aims feels a bit intimidating.

So I’ve got two lists – my ‘me’ goals and my business/craft goals.  I’m not quite sure if the two can work together without a little give and take but time will tell..

For the love of craft:

  • Make all the things – ok I don’t really mean that but I want to make sure that all the new skills I’ve learnt this year don’t get forgotten.  Practice makes perfect and I’m going to try hard to ‘perfect’ my jewellery making, knitting, calligraphy and papercutting.
  • Grow my blog – this year my blog visitors doubled compared to last year (thank you everyone for stopping by and coming back!)… so let’s try that again 🙂  As a first step I’ve entered the UK Blog Awards – it feels really scary as the awards work by public vote but I figured you have to be in it to win it so… Voting will starts today (vote for me here) and carry on across the month
  • Sew something to wear!  I’d like to start easy – possibly with pajama bottoms, and build up to a dress…  For me the most important thing is that whatever I make I want to love and wear!
  • Learn – I’d love to try silversmithing, screen printing and fabric design this year
  • Blog about books, cocktails, life… and other things.  This is a bit of a vague one but I’ve been thinking about opening up some of the topics I blog about to focus more on ‘creative lifestyle’.  I took the Blog Life e-course by A Beautiful Mess (which I would highly highly recommend) and it’s opened my eyes about the topics I’m interested in.  I feel like I can make it work while still maintaining the focus of this blog so I’ll be experimenting over the coming months.
  • Work with some new favourite brands – I really excited to be working again with Tiger Stores later this month for the first Crafternoon of 2016 and I would love to work with some others including Paperchase, Liberty or Habitat.  I’d love to take Crafternoon Cabaret Club to some blogger events or run a workshop for a big name.  I’m also really keen to be back at The Handmade fair this year running workshops again.

For the love of me:

  • Enjoy Life
  • Travel more
  • Make time for people I love
  • Find balance
  • Give myself time to learn
  • Look after myself – my own wellbeing, not becoming too overloaded, eating well and staying active
  • Save money – we’re starting to look into buying a house so that means saving a lot of money!  I’ve opened an ISA with Halifax and we’ll be booking in time with a mortgage advisor this month to find out what we could actually borrow.  Fingers crossed – if two people working in the arts can manage to buy a house in the ever more expensive city of London then anything is possible!
  • Take photos and get them off my computer and into my home (I’m ahead of myself with this one because of my photogems series)

So I’ve got some big goals – and lots of work to do – but I think it’s going to be a great year! What do you have planned for 2016?


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