My highlights of 2015


I hope you all saw the new year in with friends, fun and all of the fizz! I sure did… which is why I wrote this post a few days back and scheduled it so I wouldn’t have to crawl out from under my duvet #organised

(however after posting this it was pointed out that I’d written 2016 instead of 2015 in both the title and URL.. a good start to the new year)

new year embroidery Love

It’s been an amazing year for so many reasons so I wanted to pick out some of the achievements, highlights and absolutely cracking life events that made 2015 for me:

  • I got married!! An obvious one but it was the most amazing day and I am forever lucky to be married to my wonderful wonderful husband (although still slightly freaked out about the fact I am actually married… does that make me more of a grown up?!… hmmm…maybe not)

hannah and martin wedding

  • I took Crafternoon Cabaret Club back to the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards and I got to run Crafternoon Cabaret Club for three whole days at The Handmade Fair #craftgoals
  • I travelled to Berlin and ate the best curry I’ve ever had and was given roses in the supermarket on international women’s day. I travelled to Paris, ate steak and oysters and all the cheese whilst drinking gallons of delicious red wine and walking until we could walk no more. And I travelled to the Dominican Republic, drank all the cocktails, scuba dived, snorkeled and held starfish with my new husband! It was a wonderful year for travelling!
  • I went to LOADS of brilliant and beautiful weddings all around the country
  • I ran some 10ks… and I didn’t die!
  • I mastered cable knit!

cable knit scarf Crafternoon Cabaret Club

  • I got 600 children and young people marching in a protest around Southbank Centre as part of WHY Festival
  • I read loads of books and debated the hell out of them at my awesome book group – The Bookie Monsters – set up by the super wonderful, talented, hilarious Katie
  • I was given a promotion at work – yay!
  • I met Suki of Suki and the City fame at a Crafternoon Cabaret Club event
  • I drank loads of cocktails and took loads of photobooth snaps with Sarah


  • I learnt the basics of beading on a jewellery course and became hooked on making rings!
  • I watched loads of amazing theatre including The Red Lion, the Homecoming, Bryony Kimmings’ Fake It Till You Make It, RashDash’s Snow White and Rose Red, Hangmen AND took one amazing toddler to his first ever theatre show!
  • I made gnocchi… from scratch….
  • I rebranded my blog – it’s not finished but it felt amazing to change the style to something I was much much happier with
  • I worked with some really awesome brands including Tiger Stores, Polabora, Hillarys, Debenhams and Zazzle

I hope you all had an amazing 2015 too – as ever thank you so much for stopping by, reading, commenting, sharing.  I’d love to hear your own highlights of 2015 so share in the comments below 🙂

Hannah x


7 thoughts on “My highlights of 2015

    1. Yes it would be lovely to see you soon – your year looked pretty brilliant too and i’m so excited about your new business plans for this year. Hope January’s treating you well xxx

  1. One of my highlights was a friend’s wedding for which I made the bunting and hay bale covers. Looks like you had a brilliant 2015! I’m looking forward to seeing where my crafty ventures take me in 2016, whilst on maternity leave with a newborn – maybe not much crafting will be done!

  2. Wow! What a year! And excellent idea scheduling the post by the way.
    One highlight of my year is setting up my own business after a pretty rough ride leading up to it. I really didn’t see that coming!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I don’t know about you but my January has exploded in work! What’s the new business? How very exciting – and sometimes the greatest things can come out of a struggle I think 🙂

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