embroidered words be brave in hoop

Crafternoon How-To: New Year Inspirational Embroidery

It’s almost 2016 people which means I’m thinking a lot about what I’d like to make next year all about.  I love a good list so New Year Resolutions are right up my street, however I try wherever possible to create resolutions that will fill me with inspiration, as opposed to dragging me into a pit of despair; I learnt that lesson after trying to to either do a hot yoga class or a 5k run every day in January a few years back. 7 days in I was done.  10 days in all the chocolate in the house had mysteriously disappeared…

I’m planning to share all of my resolutions and goals for 2016 in a separate post but guaranteed to feature on that list is a lot of crafty intentions (the creative kind rather than the sneaky kind.. although there may be a few of those too); sew more, make more, learn this new skill, practice that technique and so on.  So I figured what better way to get my head in the creative game early than by bringing a crafty take to my resolutions with a little embroidery!

new year embroidery Crafternoon Cabaret Club

I’m a big fan of inspirational wall art; gorgeous typography, beautiful photos and quotes and sayings that will keep a smile on my face and inspire me each day.  Stitching your own inspirational sayings is such a lovely way to capture the qualities or ideals you want to bring to the year ahead and you’ll finish with a lovely piece to hang on your wall – bonus.

I chose  words and mottos that were quite open, and more focused on a positive life attitude than on practical aims:



Be Brave

Find creativity in the everyday

I drew the outline of ‘love’ and ‘find creativity’ onto my fabric using an air erasable pen (although if your fabric was lighter in colour you could draw lightly in pencil).  For the ‘Be Brave’ design I embroidered freehand and I’m really pleased with how it came out!

new year embroidery Be Brave

I used back stitch for all outlines and satin stitch for any ‘filled’ areas – I mixed up the direction of my satin stitches to add texture – a little like brushstrokes.  For the line beneath ‘Be Brave’ I used Fly stitch but you can find lots of ideas for decorative embroidery stitches online.

new year embroidery Love

I really love the effect created when you capture the shape handwriting in embroidery – it feels really personal and intimate and I love the natural irregularities that occur.

new year embroidery Find creativity

To finish I secured my fabric in the embroidery hoop with the fastener as the top.  I then turned the hoop over and loosely stitch running stitch all around the edge of the fabric – about 1cm away from the embroidery hoop.  Before knotting I pulled the thread to gather it together and knotted to secure.  I then trimmed any excess fabric and added a loop of thread to the fastener on the hoop to hang.

What words or sayings would you choose to inspire your year?


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