pompom and wool wrapped wreath

My favourite posts of 2015

It has been such a huge year for me – both in my personal life, in my day job and in the fun filled world of
Crafternoon Cabaret Club. I’m planning a post all about my goals for 2016 (along with every other blogger I’m sure), and a roundup of my highlights of 2015 (ditto!) But I also wanted to share some of my favourite posts of the last year.  I’ve read a few blogs already rounding up their most popular posts of 2015 and although I think it’s really fun to see what captured the imaginations of their readers (and I’ve included mine below), I also wanted to think about the other posts I’d created that I was really pleased with for all sorts of different reasons.

My favourite makes: DIY posts where I was just so so chuffed with the finished piece!

  • This French Knitted Knotted Necklace has been one of my favourites this year and I can’t wait to make some more variations in 2016.
  • I loved creating these Floral Buttonholes when I was in the midst of DIY wedding prep
  • This Pompom Wreath is full of colour and will be staying on show far beyond Christmas because it makes me smile so much!
  • These easy Tassel Garlands made up a big portion of my wedding decor and now they bring a pop of colour to my garden
  • I loved experimenting with this Macrame Hanging Planter – it’s a great way to display succulents
  • This Simple Star Wreath was an absolute hit at my winter wreath Crafternoon and perfect for a last second festive make
  • My Insta-wall Photo Display brings me joy on a daily basis as I get to see pictures from our big day every day – there were so many moments to capture and this display idea works a treat.

My posts with the most comments/likes from my readers (hooray and thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment – it helps me to remember I’m not just writing to kill time while the boy watches football):

My most popular posts:

  • Why I don’t care about Thighbrows – this was a really unusual post for me to share but I’d had a lot of feelings building up about the ever growing list of attributes every women is meant to achieve in her body and I basically burst! I’m certainly passionate about the topic of gender equality, being a feminist and body confidence but that post was rather, ahem, off topic for me! However it did make me think about opening up my blog to more opinion pieces and how I could make that work without totally changing the feeling I try and cultivate in this blog. Something for me to consider in 2016…
  • DIY Pompom Wall Hanging – this has only just come down from my wall to be replaced by Christmas decor so I’m glad the post is standing the test of time too!
  • 5 reasons to knit on trains – a silly blog all about the joys on knitting on trains!  Hooray for more knitting in transit in 2016
  • 4 ways with Halloween Garlands – last minute, super quick decoration making? win!
  • Paper Honeycomb Pompoms – I’m starting to realise my year featured a lot of pompoms.
  • Pimp my sewing machine – utterly silly, wonderfully glorious!

My favourite events:

I’m going to be signing off now for some much needed Christmas rest  and festivity, but look out for my other year in review and 2016 goal posts next week, AND HAVE YOURSELVES A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



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