Festive Makes: Mini Christmas Stockings

It’s almost Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Let’s bring on the festive cheer, mull the world, and put glitter on everything – christmas present receivers you have been warned.  But there’s still time to add a little nod to handmade to the big day.  I ran a workshop for Bloggeration recently and they asked for a Halloween and Christmas make using materials from Zazzle.  You may have spotted my Halloween garlands post and now here’s my Christmas DIY to make hanging stocking decorations.  These are pretty quick to make (particularly if you have a sewing machine) so make a great last minute decoration addition!  These decorations are also pretty easy to scale up or down – I’m really tempted to make a great big one to hang on the wall as we don’t really have space for a tree in our flat.

You Will Need:

  • Festive fabrics
  • Ribbon to match
  • Needle and thread/sewing machine
  • Pencil, rubber, scissors

mini stocking decoration Crafternoon Cabaret ClubStep One: Draw it

You can make a template but YOLO so I drew my stocking shape onto the back of the fabric direct using pencil.  When you draw your stocking shape make the vertical part of your stocking much longer than you need it to be… like a knee length sock!

Step Two: Cut it

Cut out two of your designs leaving a 1cm seam allowance around the edge.  Make sure that your designs face in opposite directions so that you’ll end up with both sides of the stocking showing the ‘right’ side of your fabric.

Step Three: Pin It

Place the right sides of the fabric together and pin into place.  Remember when you made the stocking knee length?  Time to use that – fold down the top two edges away from each other by a few cms – pin in place

Step Four: Sew it

Sew all the way around your pencil marking – leaving a gap at the top.  Now cut tiny triangles into any round edges and trim your seams down so that your stocking will lie flat when turned the correct way round.

Step Four: Finish it

Turn your stocking back the right way round. Now fold the top edge down over the stocking – you should still have the right side of the fabric on display.  Press the folds to secure.  Finally fold your ribbon in half to create a loop and sew to the top right hand corner of your stocking to hang – you could even add a little bow to decorate.

DIY stocking decoration Crafternoon Cabaret Club

In that last shot the decoration is styled with delicious macarons from Anges de Sucre… damn they were good!

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