Festive Makes: Giftwrap

Who doesn’t love beautifully wrapped presents stacked in perfect piles under the tree?  It’s all part of the magic of Christmas right?  So I’ve put together a few creative ways you can take your giftwrap up a notch to leave your families wide eyed with admiration!

Paper Fans

I love how these fans can transform a parcel and make it look so stylish.  They’re incredibly simple to make – cut a rectangle of decorative paper and concertina fold along the width (forward and backwards, like an accordion).  Then fold in half and glue or tape the join.  You can make a few and join them all together to create flowers or attach multiple fans layered up onto a gift.

christmas wrapping phototags Crafternoon Cabaret Club 2

giftwrap 015


Who doesn’t love a pompom?  These add so much to a present!  Either get yourself a pompom maker to make big fluffy pompoms, or you can even make them with a fork:

  • Wrap your wool around the fork again and again (25 times should do the trick)
  • Cut a short length of wool and slide it through the middle of the fork underneath your wrapped wool.  Tie this short length around your wrapped wool  at the top in a tight knot and slide off the fork
  • Cut all of the loops and fluff up your pompom.

giftwrap 020

Check out my tutorial on creating patterned pompoms here!  Once your pompoms are ready simply tie into place on your package

Photo Gift Tags

I recently wrote a post all about using photos within your giftwrap to make your presents mroe personal.  From creating photo bunting to cute gift tags and even tree decorations – check out all of the ideas and tutorials in my recent post

christmas wrapping phototags Crafternoon Cabaret Club 3

Perfect Gift Bows

No gift is complete with the perfect giftbow and a great big beautiful bow is also an amazing way to take a present from neatly wrapped to showstopping.

Make a double gift bow in 5 easy steps

  • Cut about 50cm of ribbon – if you can use wired ribbon your final shape will be even better
  • Cross the ends of your ribbon over loosely, leaving long tails on both sides.  Bring the centre point of your ribbon to meet that cross
  • Fold each tail back on itself to create a second ‘bow’
  • Cut a short length of wire – wrap this around the centre point of your bow tightly to hold the shape
  • Use your wire to attach to your gift

giftwrap 013

giftwrap 009

Which is your favourite?  Do you have any wrapping tricks to make gifts look extra special?





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