Star wreath on door

Festive Makes: Simple Star Wreath

After my final festive Crafternoon Cabaret Club I am finally feeling full of Christmas cheer – hooray!  Bring on the tinsel. let’s mull everything, more glitter please!  I think it was probably all the glorious wrapping paper that filled my weekend – and I have a blog coming out later this week all about creatvie giftwrap to feast your festive eyes upon.

But first – today’s festive make!  this was one of the designs I created for my recent Crafternoon Cabaret Club wreath workshop at the Hospital Club.  I’ve also uploaded photos from all of my christmas events to facebook today – check them out here.

This is a beautiful simple wreath – both in it’s styling and to make!  You can really play with colour with this design and I love how the copper base shines through.

You Will Need

  • 1 copper wreath ring
  • Wool
  • Scissors

Step 1: Wrap It

Knot the end of your wool to the outer rim of your wreath base.  Now wrap your wool around the wreath to create a zigzag pattern the whole way round.  Knot to finish.

Step 2: Star Light Star Bright

My wreath base had 5 horizontal sruts holding the two rings together.  I used these to shape my star.  Number your strust 1 – 5.  Start by knotting your wool to the top strut (number 1) and then loop the wool around the struts in this order – 1, 3, 5, 2, 4 and back to 1!  Repeat a few times to make the start really stand out.

Step 3: Loop It

Finally cut a short length of wool and knot into a loop at the top of your wreath so you can hang it!

Merry Craftmas!!

Star wreath Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Festive wreath workshop Crafternoon Cabaret Club





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