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Festive Makes: Paper Leaves Wreath

Time for another Festive Make and this one is for a blogger competition being run by Turtle Mat.  They recently got in touch and challenged me to create a handmade christmas wreath – the timing was perfect as I was already planning to create a few different wreaths ready for my Wreath Making workshop on 5th December.  The winner will be announced on December 11th and that lucky winner will receive a luxury hamper and doormat – bonus! (I do love a good Christmas hamper)

This wreath tutorial is simple and festive – great for a minimalist but traditional aesthetic and in stark contrast to my super bright pompom wreath!   Turtle Mat sent me some brilliant materials to get me started including my copper wreath ring, a glue gun and some christmassy bits and pieces that I could choose to adorn my wreath.  I loved the idea of creating a really clean design with a nod to nature, and challenging myself to move away from my textile comfort zones and so of course it had to be paper!  I started thinking about pretty paper leaves and, inspired by the cute robin sent to me by Turtle Mat I thought I could make him a chic little home for winter!

You will need:

  • A Copper wreath ring
  • Paper/card in different shades of green
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Robin with wire to fix
  • Glue Gun

Step One: Draw It

I chose to use light green card and darker green origami paper to create my leaves.  The card provided structure and the origami paper gives the final wreath movement – but it’s completely up to you and the final effect you’re after!  I drew a couple of different leaf designs onto my light green card – freehand copying from a picture.  Although I wanted there to be a consistent design across the wreath I wasn’t fussed about each leaf being identical at all!  I cut these out with a craft knife and then used them as roughtemplates to create more leaves from the card and from the origami paper.

papercut leaves Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Step Two: Design It

I then laid my leaves out on top of the copper wreath – the green’s made the copper colour really pop which I loved!  I grouped leaves in pairs, and spread them out fairly regularly around the wreath.  I kept one leaf back to accompany my robin.

papercut leaf wreath crafternoon cabaret club

Step Three: Glue It

I heated up the glue gun and then glued each leaf in place – adding the glue to the wreath itself and then gently laying the leaf on top so it would lie flat.

Step Four: When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbing along!

I used the wire on the base of the robin to secure him into place and glued my final leaf next to him.  I added bakers twine at the top to hang the wreath.

paper leaf wreath and robin

I love how my finished wreath is so festive but still minimal! I wonder how long I can get away with keeping this one up after christmas….

paper leaf wreath crafternoon cabaret club






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