PhotoGEMS: Say it with word art

Next in my photo display series we have an awesome take on the classic canvas print.  I’m sure you’ve all come across canvas prints before- it’s a lovely way to blow up a photo you adore to create a striking piece of artwork.  It works really well for more dramatic images such as landscapes from your travels or photos that have more of a photoshoot vibe to them.  But I’m never one to rest on my creative laurels so off I went, looking for a company that offered a more unusual or creative version of this style… and I discovered Canvaspop.

Canvaspop are, in their own words, obsessed with providing the highest quality canvas prints anywhere – and that goes right through from the process, to customer service, to the final product.  What really grabbed my attention with Canvaspop was there Word Art Maker – a cool tool on their website that allows you to layer lettering and word art over your image, or even to create a purely text based print.  This is ideal for those of use wanting to be more involved in the design than simply printing an image.

I was tempted to immediately kick back and start making typography prints but as this was part of my PhotoGems feature of course I needed some imagery in there.  We recently got back some more of our wedding photos and I was keen to see how I could combine one of the portraits with lyrics from our wedding playlist (sometimes cheesy nostalgia is worth it if it means you’ll be reminded of the greatest day!).

This was the photo I decided to print: (1)

I found the word art maker really easy to use.  I’m not a graphic designer by any means (give me a needle and thread over a touch pen any day, but I loved experimenting with fonts and styles.  In the end I went with the lyrics “All I ever wanted, all I ever needed, is here in my arms” which were from our first dance (double points if you can guess the song!).

When my print arrived the colours looked a little… vivid… I wasn’t sure if it was just me so I displayed it for a day and then decided something must be wrong so I got back in touch with Canvaspop.  Thsi is where they really impressed me – they got back to me so quickly, asked for a picture of the print and immediately noted their had been a printing error which they would look into (they actually discovered there had been a few prints with the same issue).  In the meantime they rebooked the job to create a black and white version for me and once they’re sorted their printer issue they’ll send me the correct colour print (although to be honest I’m a bit in love with the B+W one now!).  It’s one of the best customer service experiences I think I’ve had, and it gave me complete faith to use them for print jobs again in the future.

Here’s my final piece!  Have you ever blown up your photos for display?  Make sure you check out my last PhotoGEMS post all about creating your own Insta-wall

canvaspop 005

Canvaspop collaborated with me on this post and provided the print for free.  As always if I didn’t love it, and in this case hadn’t been so super impressed with the service, I wouldn’t share it here.





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