wrapped presents with numbered pegs

Bright Christmas Packages, tied up with string… Pakkekalenders are one of my new favourite things!

‘What on earth is a Pakkekalender’ I hear you cry!  That was my first thought too!  It’s actually a rather ingenious invention out of Denmark – not happy with simply exchanging gifts at Christmas time a Pakkekalender allows you to stretch that gorgeous warming excitement of wrapping and opening presents all through December.  One present for every day leading up to christmas – each wrapped beautifully and hung together to create the ultimate advent calendar.  I spent a gorgeous evening with tiger stores learning about and creating my very own.

You could make a Pakkekalender in all sorts of ways to fit your home, but I would start by selecting the 24 gifts (make them fairly small as you’re going to have to hag them later!)  All of our gifts were already wrapped (HELLO a december FULL of surprises!) in pretty tissue paper with ribbons and sweet little brown bags – perfect for adding extra decoration.

pakkekalender Crafternoon Cabaret Club 1

You then need to create your base…

We picked up some great tips about creating the base for our gifts – you could use pieces of wood, coathangers and even a circular metal towel rail was bent into a beautiful spiral base!  I opeted to working with wood and created a 3 level base using kebab skewers tied together with ribbon (each level was made up of 2 skewers to add strength).  I then started adding embellishments – ribbons and pretty snowflake trim as I wanted it to burst with colour and texture.  I was sitting next to the lovely Gemma who used the same materials to create a mobile style base which was really effective and eyecatching.

Finally you can move on to hanging those gifts: I used more matching ribbon, brown twine for that sweet rustic feel, and I added tiny numbered pegs so I knew when to open each gift (the most important element no?).  I had such a fantastic evening making this – being surrounded by craft goodies from Tiger, really fun bloggers and time to just sit and craft is heaven to me 🙂

pakkekalender Crafternoon Cabaret Club 3

I can’t wait for December 1st so I can start opening – I’ve got a plan to add new ribbon each time I open a gift so it doesn’t end up looking too bare.  I know sometimes we can get carried away with gift giving at Christmas but I think this is such a lovely idea to make as an alternative to the classic chocolate calendar.  And if you didn’t want to go present mad you could fill each gift with a message, a challenge, a compliment even!

Did you know that we have an event with Tiger Stores on December 12th at the Book Club?  Come and join us for our Big Christmas Wrap!  bring a bag of presents, pick up some giftwrap tips and ideas and then wrap them all up with a huge stash of materials from Tiger, all to a fantastic cabaret backdrop – perfection right?  You can book your tickets here

Have you ever made your own advent calendar?




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