Festive Makes: Pompom Wreath

My first christmas craft post – feel the festivity! Hooray!  Today I’ve combined some of my favourite things to bring you the first (of a few) Festive Wreath posts coming your way: Pompoms, bright colours and a hot glue gun. Win.  This isn’t hugely Christmassy as I wanted to create an option I could keep up as a fun home decoration.  That also means this tutorial could easily be adapted with a change of colour palette to fit any holiday or celebration.

You Will Need

  • 1 polystyrene wreath.  Mine is 30cm diameter
  • LOADS of brightly coloured pompoms in varying sizes
  • 1 ball of wool in a fairly neutral colour
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step One: Wrap it

Start by wrapping your wreath in wool.  Tie your wool around the wreath and knot to anchor your start point and then wrap wrap wrap round and round until the wreath is 2/3 covered.  You can cover the entire wreath but we’ll be covering the space in pompoms so it’s completely up to you.


I haven’t felt this happy since I pimped my sewing machine!!

Lay your pompoms out next to your wreath.  Create a line of larger pompoms that will cover half of your wreath and lay contrasting colour, small pompoms on either side so you have a rough plan to work with.  Starting with the largest pompoms glue them into place, one at a time, on to the top of the wreath (remember – a hot glue gun is called hot for a reason – mind those fingers!).  Next up add your smaller pompoms into the gaps in between the larger, gluing as you.  Continue adding pompoms into every gap until about half of the wreath is completely covered on the top and sides.

Step 3: Hang It

Cut a shorter length of your wool, slide under s few strands of the wool wrapped around the wreath and tie into a loop.  Knot securely.  Now hang your wreath up, step back and admire your handiwork!

DIY pompom wreath Crafternoon Cabaret Club

We’re running a Wreath Making Workshop on December 5th at the OH so swanky Hospital Club – make a gorgeous festive wreath and kick back to the toe tapping tunes of vintage trio The Hayward Sisters!  Book Now



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