5 recipe books to nourish

I really love cooking – it’s a bit of a sunday night ritual to cook up a big batch of something nourishing and delicious that can be my lunches for the start of the week.  Cooking from scratch also always makes me feel like I’m looking after myself more (even if I’m actually making something not that healthy!!) because I can see what’s going into my food.  I’ll never have the patience to be a food or recipe blogger (I hate having to wait for food to be photographed before digging in at events!) but I do have a few favourite recipe books that I wanted to share with you today:

5 recipe books to nourish

A Modern Way to Eat – Anna Jones

Anna Jones’ book is absolutely packed with delicious healthy vegetarian recipes that are sure to make your feel  your best.  Her recipes are really varied and easy to follow which is great but a particular highlight of this book for me is her foodie family trees which help you to turn groups of starting ingredients into a whole range of delicious finales.  I really love the freedom this gives you when you’re cooking and the fact that you can learn a little more about the possibilities of the ingredients you’re cooking with.

Deliciously Ella – Ella Woodward

Ella is committed to clean eating and her book reflects this BUT importantly isn’t boring in any way shape or form.  Divided into food ‘groups’ and then finished off with suggestions of how you could create a full dinner party plan this book leaves you with lots of options and you could choose recipes to add a little healthy kick to the meals you love or follow the plan completely.  The thai coconut curry is to die for and Ella also has some really amazing sweet treat recipes on her blog – YUM.

A Soup for every day – New Covent Garden Soup Co

A soup for every day of the year – oh haaai!  I was given this book last Christmas and I love it.  It works around which ingredients are in season so it’s also a pretty handy reference for cooking in general.  Soup is my go-to pick me up when I’m feeling run down, unwell or just tired… or all of the above… and this lovely recipe book stops me developing a bad tomato soup habit.

Polpo – Russel Norman

Oh even the look and feel of this Venetian cook book is divine.  It’s absolutely a recipe book to show off in your kitchen (and will make you look so sophisticated – win win!).  This book is full of delicious Italian recipes from the restaurant of the same name.  Think yummy tapas style bites, baby pizzas, delicious meats and salads, sumptuous desserts and even drinks!  Italy is my favourite favourite foodie place so I’ll jump on any chance to improve my Italian cooking.  I made gnocchi for the first time using a Polpo recipe and it was delicious – 

Leon – Allegra McEvedy

Ok I need to be honest here and say that I have never cooked anything from this book.  But boy is it beautiful.  I like to flick through the pages, look at the gorgeous images and secretly aspire to my cooking looking like that one day.  However it’s another clever book that improves your knowledge and understanding of food while you cook rather than simply presenting recipes (you might have noticed this as a running themes through my favourites).  The first half focuses on ingredients – the building blocks of every recipes, so you can learn more about them and how to use them.  The second half moves on to recipes, including familiar dishes served at Leon the restaurant, and a whole range created by the founders and their friends.  This is a great big book of inspiration that will have your stomach rumbling and you itching to get cooking.

What are you favourite recipe books?



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