Tis the season – a week packed to the brim with fun

Tia the season to be busy – falalalalaaa lala make mine a double…
Oh wow what a week it has been! I don’t normally write weekly round ups but I just couldn’t think of another way to cover all the glorious events that filled my calender to bursting point last week. I even missed my normal Wednesday and Friday blog posts…. because life. Did. Not. Stop.

So here goes…

Monday Funday with AO.com and Flora from GBBO
I tagged along with the lovely Sarah to the AO.com Christmas party. The venue was Carousel in Marylebone – an event space often used for private parties, gallery events and wedding receptions. We were warmly greeted with mulled wine (made in a slow cooker – I know!) and delicious canapés whipped up by Flora from GBBO.  My absolute favourites were the smashed pea and mint crostinis and the deliciously decadent chilli waffle churros. The chocolate ganache was a big hit all round – full of flavour without being too rich and the waffles were a really cute touch.

We then headed down to the beautifully styled tables for dinner.  I pretended to know much more about the red wine than I did (and it worked…. almost) and we chowed down on a delicious chorizo and prawn starter, followed by a duck main course with a Japanese spin in the addition of pickled carrots (not my thing but the Japanese fans around the table loved them). Sadly I didn’t even manage one mouthful of dessert because our party was cut short when a curtain caught fire! Obviously with a room full of bloggers someone was going to manage to snap the flames before being whisked out into the street, goody bags and coats flailing behind us and that prize shot goes to Sarah from The Prosecco Diaries – you can see her take on the night, ‘that shot’ and a photo where I look like a right lush here. A flaming good night all round!

On wednesdays we drink cocktails
Round two – I met up with Sarah again to recover from the drama of Monday in the super chic Noir W1. This bar has a really intimate feel because of the layout – with pockets of seating outside and an event space downstairs.  The music was a little random when we first arrived – slightly more attuned to a metal bar than somewhere that serves up really great courgette nests with a parmesan dip to die for… BUT at about 8 a DJ stepped in and all was well. The cocktails are really fun and varied and they have happy hour from 6-9 when you can choose between a great selection of cocktails for only £6 each – that’s right – cocktails that cheap and this good are pretty much unheard of in that area of London.

Some of our highlights were the Coquette which came with actual candyfloss on top, the poledancer which despite its name was a delicious punchy drink full of pomegranate goodness and the Kinky Zebra which comes with a brownie  (it’s also super strong so be warned… or order lots…). Food was delicious if quite heavy on the garlic side but there was lots of choice – including a great range for veggies.

And onto the Blogosphere party
After Noir W1 we skipped across London to Hoxton for the Blogosphere party – an awesome magazine for bloggers by bloggers. In this issue Sarah had written a piece about event etiquette – something that we both LOVE discussing as we’re both bloggers that also run events – so we have the priveleged view of seeing both sides to that world.  Arriving in Hoxton we went the wrong way and promptly got lost, almost resorting to asking a man with a scary dog drinking in the street (him, not the dog) for directions. Once we arrived we were greeted by the best doorman – his dancing and smile got us back into the party mood straight away. We arrived pretty late so grabbed some beers and got ourselves into the photobooth immediately  (standard). This is what happened. ..



photo_0 (2)

photo_0 (3)

Need I say more? It was so so good!

Thursday cabaret: Twenty Something: The Quarter Life Crisis Cabaret by Katie Brennan

On thursday I had the pleasure of seeing my gorgeous, talented, hilarious friend Katie Brennan perform her brand new cabaret show ‘Twenty Something: The Quarter Life Crisis’.  The show covers all of the highs and woes of the twenty something arts graduate – from dating, to bad sex, to jobs, other people’s marriages, coping with anxiety, and above all stepping up and being brave.  Katie has collaborated with the stunningly talented Joseph Atkins to arrange a breathtaking musical score including a number of original songs inspired by Katie’s blog (she’s a blogger too!  You can read her brilliant blog here) which made me laugh, hoot, holler and cry.  I love booking Katie to perform at Crafternoon Cabaret Club as she takes my breath away every time – with an incredible voice, amazing stage presence, hilarious chat and for this show a sparkly jumpsuit to die for – it’s a pleasure and honour to be able to celebrate a friend who is quite frankly killing it!

How was your week?



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