An evening at Made London

In October I spent a lovely evening at the private view of Made London: an amazing design and craft fair held at the breathtaking One Marylebone – a gorgeous church in central London.  The fair is known for it’s friendliness and variety and I was excited to experience this for myself.  As I entered the truly stunning church a pretty tote bag and a glass of wine was thrust into my hand (big tick!)!  Any event where you can wander around with a wine, discover beautiful handmade pieces, chat to the makers about their process and be surrounded by a constant happy buzz is ideal in my eyes, and although it was busy I never felt like I was bumping into anyone, or missed out any stalls.

The fair was spread across three levels – the main church hall, the upper rooms, and my personal favourite; the crypt!  Oozing with atmosphere this lower level really felt like the place to be, especially when a fantastic jazz band struck up to keep everyone entertained.

I had a fantastic night and met some really interesting makers. Below are some of my highlights. I realise I’ve majored on jewellery makers and I think that’s because I’ve been making lots of jewellery myself recently so it kept catching my eye! There are all sorts of crafts featured at the fair but part of the joy is that there was enough of everything for you to follow your nose and search out your passions! At least that’s my excuse anyway!

Emily Nixon’s gorgeous organic metal jewellery caught my eye immediately and I was enchanted by the twisted and delicate forms of her work. Her rings and bangles were absolutely beautiful and would make such a special gift as they were so unusual. One of my favourite designs was a gold dipped cuff – one of her ‘very special pieces’ in her vast range of commissions.

Emily Nixon jewellery

Emily Nixon rings

I couldn’t resist buying one of these beautiful glass baubles for my mum’s birthday made by Maggie Williams. Each piece is mouth blown and hand finished, and therefore completely unique. The hanging glass vases were stunning and I was actually quite surprised at how affordable her work was.

Maggie Williams hanging glass vases

And onto Rachel Eardley! I really loved this stall – a mixture of antique feel coin jewellery, screen prints and sketch-like embroiderery. The beautiful teacup design was one of my favourites. Her work was wonderfully playful without being kitsch, and her stall felt a little like a curiosity shop.

Rachel Eardley - Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Amanda Denison’s unusual jewellery was another stumbled upon delight for me. These amazing discs are so unusual and eye catching.  I had a fantastic chat with Amanda about her process. She’s inspired by decay, dilapidation and dereliction; working with mixed metals such as silver, copper and enamels to create textured surfaces that are then etched and layered up.  these pieces reminded me of the moon and clock faces.

Amanda Denisin jewellery - Crafternoon Cabaret Club

I fell utterly in love with Julia Parry-Jones’ stall which was inspired by the collecting natures of bowerbirds.  Julia took so much time out to explain how she was creating her own miniature collections to mirror the nests of these incredible birds: intricate displays scattered with tiny jewelley treasures, and trinkets yet to be discovered.  The vintage collar was one of my favourite pieces but really if I could have the whole collection in my home I would (I tried to snap a picture of the collar but the lighting was really tricky down in the crypt so it didn’t come out well enough to share! boooo)

Julia Parry-Jones jewellery trinkets

All in all it was a very inspiring night. Thanks for having me Made London!

I was offered free tickets to the press launch in exchange for a review.  As always if I didn’t love it I wouldn’t blog about it.


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