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Crafternoon How To: 4 ways with Halloween Garlands

Halloween is almost here!  I love this spooky holiday and it offers so many possibilities for crafting decorations, costumes and props.  Today’s tutorial gives you 4 different ways to create Halloween themed garlands: perfect for your Halloween party.  I’m going to be using some materials that may not scream (ha – pun intended) party decor at you straight away but can in fact transform your home quickly and easily into that haunted house meets Hollywood vibe you were going for.

You Will Need

  • Decorative Halloween themed paper plates
  • Ribbon (the kind used for wrapping gifts is ideal, or thin fabric ribbon)
  • Halloween wrapping paper
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Recently I ran a workshop with the lovely Bloggeration who teamed up with Zazzle to provide some festive materials… including Halloween themed paper plates.  Paper plates sometimes have the most eyecatching designs – but rarely get used for anything other than quirky additions to kids parties or times of desperation when hosting a BBQ.  After some umming and aahing I decided we could have some fun transforming those plates into bunting (because, bunting).   Zazzle also provided some really excellent wrapping paper which I’ve used below to create fringe backdrops, and some Halloween themed ribbon which I’ve used for the ribbon garland.

1.Skulls and Flags Bunting

This is an easy and fun bunting make where you can let your inner child go wild!  I’ve combined cutting the plates up into flags with cutting out details from the plates (in this case day of the dead skulls) to hang as separate bunting details.

  • Choose your flag plates – cut these into 6 equal triangles
  • Choose your details – cut these out individually
  • Hole punch the top of each item – holes in the top two corners will make your flags hang straight, and for the skulls I hole punched one hole in the top centre.
  • Lay out your design and measure your wrapping paper ribbon to fit, with plenty each end so you can secure your bunting
  • Thread the ribbon through all of the holes – I tied a knot at the top of each skull to help it hang straight.

Paper plate bunting skulls Crafternoon Cabaret Club

2. Vintage Rose Bunting

I couldn’t resist these gold and black rose plates – they were a fantastic alternative to obvious pumpkin and skeleton patterns and ideal to make a slightly more grown up garland…all be it still made out of paper plates..

  • Cut each plate in half
  • On the back of each half draw a scallop edge in place.  Cut this out – this will give your bunting a vintage feel
  • Hole punch in the top two corners of each butning piece
  • Thread onto ribbon

paper plate bunting Crafternoon Cabaret Club

3. Glamorous Fringe backdrops

I LOVE A BACKDROP!  Yes this is the snap happy instagrammer within me speaking but one of my favourite parties was in a big shared house my husband used to live in where we put patterned wallpaper up everywhere to decorate – red brick, starry sky, Hawaiian beach and rolling hills and it made for the best photos!  Every snap looks like there was a full photo shoot setup!  On a similar vein one of the details of our wedding reception venue that completely captured my imagination was the various backdrops as your walked through the venue – great big shelves of books, wallpaper that showed pages from famous novels, greenery and even a little white picket fence!

halloween wrapping paper Crafternoon Cabaret Club

This backdrop is so simple and you could use wrapping paper or rolls of paper of any design – but try and find the sturdier stuff otherwise your backdrop is unlikely to last the evening!  Simply roll out the length of backdrop you want, and then cut it into strips (leaving a gap of 20cm at the top which you’ll use to secure your backdrop into place.  I used two types of wrapping paper and worked with 2 inch strips.

halloween decorations Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Once I had created my fringe backdrop I actually secured to the wall with washi tape – but for a full evening I’d use masking tape.

Halloween fringe backdrop Crafternoon Cabaret Club

halloween fringe backdrop Crafternoon Cabaret Club

4. Cobweb Ribbons

This is probably the quickest of all the garlands – simply using ribbon and larks head knots you’ll create a cool shabby chic garland that can easily be tied into place wherever you want it.  For this make I used quite wide ribbon from Zazzle covered in bats and pumpkins.  To use the ribbon I cut each piece in half which also made the ribbon fray – giving an oh so creepy cobweb feel to the final garland.  I’d use these draped across the hallway so everyone had to walk underneath and through them as they entered!

Halloween ribbon Crafternoon Cabaret Club

  • Cut a piece of ribbon the length you’d like your garland to be, plus some extra to tie it into place
  • Cut a series of shorter lengths (mine were about 80cm each).  You’ll need enough to fill your garland with them spaced out at about 5-10cm gaps.  Cut all of these in half lengthways
  • Find the middle point on your original garland ribbon and tie your first piece in place with a larks head knot: to do this fold your shorter piece of ribbon in half, bring the fold in front of your garland with the tails hanging down vertically.  now wrap the tails behind and over the garland and bring them through the fold.  Pull to tighten.

larks head knot ribbon Crafternoon Cabaret Club

  • Work outwards until your garland is full.

Halloween Ribbon Garland Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Halloween ribbon garland Crafternoon Cabaret Club

What are your favourite Halloween DIYs? Are you throwing a Halloween party this year?



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