We Make Collective: a box of crafty goodness

aaaand the We Make Collective boxes are out in the world! So much excitement, so much crafty goodness!  It feels like months ago now that I signed up to support the kickstarter fund for We Make Collective.  They wanted to launch a new type of subscription box, and an online community of makers.  What I really loved about this idea was that you don’t simply receive a box focused on how to make one item, instead you receive some gorgeous materials focused around learning a technique, and access to the members area of the website: full of tutorials and inspiration.  This means you can create something unique and to your taste – HOORAY! and perfect for me as I love experimenting with crafts much more than following step by step.  This amazing idea is the brainchild of Fran, of Fall For DIY, which is also one of my favourite blogs.  Fran makes beautiful, simple and on trend DIYs – and her blog aesthetic is gorgeous!  Minimal, chic, pops of colour.  Heavenly!

we make collective subscription box Crafternoon Cabaret Club


The first month was a glorious box of materials for weaving and I’m so so sad because I haven’t managed to find even an hour to do anything with my kit yet.  However I’m excited to try this brand new craft and I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on!



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