PhotoGEMS: Make your own Insta-wall

In this digital age so many photos we take simply end up on instagram or Facebook… or even worse just sit on our phones and laptops where no one can see them at all. But it’s time for this to change! I love having memories of friends and family, and amazing events around my house, but it’s not always easy in a tiny London flat. I’m going to be creating some cool and creative ways to display lots of your favourite photos, and get them off your gadgets and into the real world.

So first we have the Insta-wall – that’s right I’m easing the instagram addicts in gently (if you’re not following me yet come on over and we can feed our addiction together!).  After our wedding we were waiting for our professional photos to come back – it’s a process that can take a while because of the sheer number of photos taken and all of that editing! I was desperate to try and maintain the wedding happy bubble by having wedding snaps on display but I also wanted to hold out for the professional images before making any larger single prints. I love instagram and how it can capture a whole snapshot of someone’s life through multiple images and I realised this could be a really fun way to display lots of the photos that were snapped of our big day and added to facebook. Enter Polabora!

Polabora are a fantastic company that print Polaroid style photos – a look that I really love. I even used to have a Polaroid camera back in the day and there’s something instantly fun and cool about Polaroid photos. I ordered one of their summer boxes – an amazing deal where you can print 100 photos for just 30 euros (about £22).

photo display ideas Polabora with Crafternoon Cabaret Club

The hardest part was choosing the 100 photos (I know I know – 100 is loads but there were so. many. options). Once I’d selected them I simply uploaded the photos to the website and ordered! Easy. The service is really quick – a few days for the order to be processed and then my lovely photos arrived within a week, packaged up in a pretty box, with a set of sweet turquoise pegs for washing line style display!

If you’d like to print your own gorgeous photos to try out this tutorial the lovely folks at Polabora are offering an excellent 20% off when you use CRAFTCLUB before 16th November –  go forth and get snap happy ;).

Now onto the how to. If you’d like to make your own insta-wall, order your photos and follow the steps below.

photo display ideas Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Step One: Sort your photos into piles of similar colour or brightness (eg outside shots, brights, muted tones).  This is so you don’t end up with one area on your wall that suddenly changes tone. I wanted my photos to be quite mixed but you could also then work from these piles to create a pattern within your photo layout with brights and darks.

Step Two: Now choose your wall. You need quite a lot of space to display all 100 – I could fit 40 and I’m planning to display the rest in another photo wall is a different room.

Instawall with polaroid pictures Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Step Three: Time to start adding photos – I’d advise you start at the top to help you with spacing. Use white tac (it’s kinder to paint) and add your photos up one by one, pulling from each different colour pile. Make sure the top of the line stays straight and flat as this will define the rest of your layout.

…Now work down one side so you can exactly the space you have.
Continue to add photos until your grid is complete.

Step Four: Inspection time!  Step back and look at the wall as a whole – are there any photos too similar to each other next to one another, do any areas need to be broken up colour-wise. A good trick is to place your favourite photos towards the middle as this is where the eye is naturally drawn to. Make any changes you need to.

DIY Instagram wall Crafternoon Cabaret Club

I love our new photo wall!

This post was created in collaboration with Polabora who kindle sent me my photos for free. As always if i didn’t love the service I wouldn’t blog about it.


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