Spotlight On: Jessalli Handmade

Today’s Spotlight On is all about the lovely Sophia of Jessalli Handmade.  As well as making really gorgeous soft furnishings Sophia caught my eye with her amazing cushion embroidered with the full Handmade Fair logo – probably one of the most instagrammed shots of the weekend!

Hello, tell us who you are and what do you do?

Hi, I’m Sophia Palmer and I’m the owner and creator of Jessalli Handmade. I make Personalised and Made to order soft furnishings and gifts in my little studio in Dorset.

Sophia of Jessalli Handmade Crafternoon Cabaret Club

How did it all begin?

It all began when I finished my gap year in Australia. I worked in a small bespoke children’s clothes manufacturer in Sydney. I learnt so much there and it gave me my passion for sewing back. I came home and decided to give my parents a scare and start my own business!

What’s your favourite thing you’ve created?

My most favourite creation has to be my ‘Mabel’ machine embroidered cushion. I’m lucky to have a wildlife photographer as a close friend, so I get to see the most magical shots of British wildlife. One of his shots of (Mabel) a Kingfisher quickly became my favourite. I have a copy framed in my hallway. But I asked him if he’d mind me doing a textile version of it. It took days but I was really happy with the finished product.

Jessalli Handmade kingfisher Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Any disasters/challenges?

There are always disasters and challenges with running your own business. I think the biggest challenge is to stay unique. It’s tough to stand out in a huge crowd of handmade goodness. But I always stay true to my Dorset roots and inspirations. I always see Dorset through rainbow glasses so colour is very important to me. I think if you stick to what you know and don’t follow the trends- you’ll stick around longer.

Jessalli Handmade cushions  Crafternoon Cabaret Club

What are your top 5 inspirations (magazines, blogs, people, places)

Dorset is my main inspiration. I’m extremely lucky to live in the sticks in a beautiful county. Everyday I look out of my studio window over loads green hills and fields- it’s amazing!
Mollie Makes magazine is just a huge inspiration to the Handmade community. I love reading about other businesses or amazing craftsmen and women. I love reading Lotts & Lots’s Blog as I’m a sucker for beautiful pictures and DIY projects. Patchwork Harmony is another favourite. Again for the beautiful photography and my obsession with interiors.

And how can we find your online so we can all gaze at your fab work!

You can find all my wares on my website . And you can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the behind the scenes insights. I’m Jessalli Handmade or Jessalli Dorset on most social media! 


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