Let Thighs Be Thighs or Why I don’t care about Thighbrows

This post is going to be a little off my normal topic and tone but I’m feeling irked. I’ve been feeling this way ever since the word thighbrow started popping up on my feed. That’s right ladies – thighbrows are the latest thing we should be focusing our energies into.

So what is this new trend that’s just started spinning around social media? Thighbrows are basically the fold of skin that appears at the top of your thigh when you kneel or crouch down – ideally shown off while wearing super high cut bikini bottoms on a yacht.

I mean firstly – of all the insignificant body parts right? I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say ‘ oh god she looks incredible – I love her thighbrows!’ Eyebrows yes – thighbrows no.

The trend is being hailed as being a fantastic alternative to things like the thigh gap, or collar bone coin challenge because it works for every body type. Great – hooray for equality! Trends for everyone and all that… but… BUT… (and it’s a big butt- it would probably make an amazing body confident thighbrow shot…) don’t you think it might be kinder, and better for the world’s general wellbeing if we didn’t create a new opportunity for women to put their bodies under a microscope?

I don’t want to be overly negative – for anyone who is celebrating that this trend is for curvy girls too GREAT – good for you!  But just because something can be done by everyone doesn’t mean that the number of photoshopped,  filtered-to-within-an-inch-of-their-life, angled-just-so pics of women who have media perfect bodies will be any less prominent.  Rather than celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes I think its pretty likely that we’ll be bombarded by images of the ‘perfect’ thighbrow which girls and women will be trying to emulate in themselves, when two weeks ago they didn’t even know they had to think about that body goal.

Why is this even a trend? When can we just let our thighs be thighs? AND why on earth has this trend popped up when we’re heading into lovely cosy autumn – the season of comfortable layers, draped jumpers and scarves, intermittent rainshowers and a crisp bite in the air… it’s not exactly sunbathing weather is it?

Can’t we all just make a truce with our bodies for a bit? A few weeks, months, where we can just show ourselves some love, be proud of our achievements not our dress size, take time for conversations instead of selfies, feed our minds instead of starving our bodies, and try to celebrate the people we are, not the completely curated lives of the celebrities we’re not.

Rant done
Over and out


8 thoughts on “Let Thighs Be Thighs or Why I don’t care about Thighbrows

  1. The internet angers me with how OBSESSED everyone is with how people look. Not only does it affect how young impressionable girls and guys feel about their own bodies and what is expected of them, but it even makes mature, clever fully grown adults do exactly the same thing! It’s depressing and I’m fed up of it.
    I long for the day that people stop looking at the internet for the latest beauty craze, ideal body figure and impossible ideals of perfection and learn to love themselves for who they are, promote healthy and happy living and just get on with their lives. (I know there are people online who do this, but they’re easily lost with the rest fo the nonsense out there!)

    Great post, though. “Thighbrows” is a stupid word, and an even more stupid concept!

    1. It’s so infuriating isn’t it! I completely agree – there are amazing people promoting positivity, body confidence and the wonders of being yourself but it gets lost in the avalanches of critical posts. Thanks for reading x

  2. I’m SO in agreement with everything you’ve said here. And it’s such a tricky subject, women talking about their own bodies… something I’ve been wanting to write about for a long time, but keep stopping myself for fear of the repercussions. But when was the last time a masculine equivalent popped up in the media? And how ridiculous would that seem to all of us? Seems like a well crafted way to get women to take more selfies, without much clothing on, for the benefit of fellas. Count me out.

    1. Thanks Gema – I felt really strange writing this as it’s so different to what I normally share on here but I was just so angry that yet another trend set to make women pick themselves apart had reared it’s ugly head! Totally agree about the masculine equivalent! x

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