felt flowers

Four ways with felt flowers

Felt is a really lovely and versatile fabric to work with, and perfect for making small embellishments such as felt flowers.  From hair accessories to brooches or corsages, to decorations felt flowers are a really simple way to add a little handmade detail.  The added bonus is that felt flowers are quick to make, its easy to scale them up or down, they use very little fabric and felt is so affordable so you can buy loads of different colours to create your flowers with. Win!

Below are instructions to make the four different types of flowers in the image above. I’d love to know about any other styles or techniques, or projects you’ve used felt flowers to enhance,  so do share in the comments below.

Fringe flower

  1. Cut a long thin rectangle of felt.  you can also cut shorter lengths and join them in as you make your flower
  2. With scissors cut about 3/4 across the width of your felt .  Repeat to create a fringe effect
  3. Add glue along the full length of your felt on the uncut side
  4. Roll your felt until it forms a spiral.  Push the fringed edges outwards to create your petals

fringe felt flower construction

fringe felt flower construction

fringe felt flower yellow


Looped fringe flower

  1. Cut a long rectangle of felt – similar to the fringe flower but slightly wider
  2. Add glue along one outer side of your felt rectangle and fold your felt in half length ways
  3. Cut into the folded side of the felt 3/4 across the width. Repeat to create the fringed effect used above but this time you’ll be creating loops
  4. Add glue along the full length of the felt on the uncut side
  5. Roll, roll, roll your felt until it forms your flower.  Push the loops outwards to create the petal effect.

Rolled rose

  1. Start with a square or circle of felt – mine was about 15cm x 15cm
  2. Draw a spiral on your felt, cut along those lines loosely so that the lines wiggle slightly -this will add texture to your flower
  3. Add glue along the inside edge of your spiral
  4. Roll the felt starting at the outer edge until your reach the middle.  Secure with more glue if needed

rolled rose template

rolled felt roses

Rolled petals

  1. Draw a zigzag onto your felt that gets bigger at each peak.  Cut it out
  2. Curve the first few triangles over each other to make your flower centre.  Stitch to hold in place
  3. Wrap the remaining traingles into place around this centre to sit like petals spiralling outwards.  Stitch as your go to secure.
  4. If you need to hide the stitching add a final circle of felt in the centre once your flower in complete.

crafting august 040

spiky felt flower


felt flowers


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