Birthdays, BBQs and Balloons!

It was my birthday last week (woop woop I love birthdays) and, because my birthday is exactly a week before my husband’s (aaah husband) birthday we tend to celebrate together.  We both love parties and bbq’s so I was crossing my fingers like mad hoping that it wouldn’t rain at the weekend.  Our back-up is always to squeeze everyone into our little flat, and although we’ve tried and tested squishing 40 people in at our engagement parties last year it’s not ideal – plus our garden has been looking great this year (not least because of the makeover we gave it a few months ago) so we love actually getting to use it.

I love parties and celebrating and I think they’re a great excuse for crafting!  I’ve had my eye on these amazing bonbon balloons since spotting them at The Handmade Fair last year (cue lots of balloon posing from me!) and I’ve wanted to have a go at making my own glitter and confetti balloons for a while so this seemed like the perfect excuse.

Here’s the inspiration:

balloons handmade fair

And my take on them!


making confetti balloons

confetti balloon

confetti balloons garden decorations

What do you think?  Aren’t they glorious!! (ignore the horrible scaffolding in the background – our street has been taken over)

These balloons are so simple to make.  Simply buy transparent ‘crystal’ balloons and lots of paper confetti, pour your confetti into the balloon and then blow it up and shake shake shake!  Add ribbons to decorate.

I also made some sweet little versions to have inside as the ones above were huge.

confetti balloons small

We used leftover decorations from our wedding to decorate the garden – I love having the garden filled with colour so I’m going to keep these beautiful tassels in place for as long as the weather permits.

tassel garland garden decoration

What are you favourite party DIYs?


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