The Handmade Fair: My top Super Theatre Sessions

The Handmade Fair is almost upon us – my house is FULL to the brim with crafting supplies and I’m so excited to meet all the VIP ticket holders and get crafting.  One of the strengths I think The Handmade Fair has over some other smaller craft fairs is the opportunity to hear from experts who really are at the top of their game.  Luckily for all of us the crafting world is pretty generous and friendly between peers but it’s invaluable to hear from people who have been there, worked through challenges and come out of the other end successful (and smiling!).    I was really inspired last year hearing from Caffe Fasset about his own personal craft journey and how he liked to design, and I loved the energy Lou Gardner brought to the table when she challenged Kirstie to a stitch off.

Here are some of the highlights of this year’s Super Theatre programme that I’m looking forward to:

Mollie Makes Mash-ups (every day – you lucky things)

Mollie Makes bring together two ace crafters with different areas of expertise and pitch them up against each other to transform an item into a masterpiece, against the clock.  There’s one of these events every day and it’s sure to be a really exciting event to watch: I mean who doesn’t love some good old fashioned competition!  I’m particularly excited about seeing the fabulous Momtaz Begum-Hossain take on Deadly Knitshade on the Friday.

Will Taylor of Bright Bazarre (Friday)

I have an almost unhealthy love of Will’s instagram –beautiful design and travel focused posts and colour glorious colour!  This is a not-to-be-missed session for anyone interested in how you can visually tell your story and how you glean inspiration from the world around you.

Annie Warburton: Crafts Council (Saturday)

The Crafts Council are constantly pushing the boundaries of craft and supporting emerging and established artists to grow and develop their own practice.  As well as their involvement in some fantastic exhibitions such as Collect they are behind some really interesting collaborations between craft and technology and even craft and medicine through their Parallel Practices programme.  If you are interested in craft and design as an industry and how practices can be sustained across generations through education then attend this talk and then look into their Future is in the making Campaign.

Lyndsey James (Sunday)

We all know how important good photography is: whether you are selling your own handmade goods, sharing snapshots of your life through a blog, sharing tutorials where your photos need to capture a process or instagramming the hell out of life on a daily basis.  Photos tell a story and Lyndsey James talk will take you through her 10 easy steps to great craft photos.  Attend this talk and then put your learning into practice snapping away at the rest of your day!

These are just a few of my personal highlights but you can see the full Super Theatre line-up here.  Who’s got you excited?  Are any of your creative heroes speaking?


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