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Emergency Happiness

This week I received a wonderful gift to make me smile from Viking as part of their Emergency Happiness Campaign.  I regard myself to be a pretty happy person on the whole but with summer on the way out, inches and inches of rain, and that feeling of back-to-work-blues that you just can’t avoid in September this came at the perfect time.

The selection of goodies took me back to times at university when my parents would arrive with food packages: boxes of goodies and staples (like tomato soup!) to keep me nourished, healthy and happy, and the time one of my best friends once made me an Edinburgh Festival Survival Kit (including gin and chocolate – she knows my tastes), and those simple but amazing moments when you discover little gifts or thank you cards left on your desk at work.

emergency happiness

My Emergency happiness kit included a whole array of my favourite things: from glitter, to pretty stationery, to a lovely teatime treat chest complete with green tea and a lucky penny!  Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can bring a grin to your face 🙂

emergency happiness package

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

In this busy busy world we live in we don’t always manage to find time to step back and look around us at the simple things in everyday life that we can do that make us feel happy and content.  So I took 5 minutes out, away from my desk, in the fresh air, and compiled this list of things that make me happy

  • Flowers. The smell, the colour, having a little bit of nature inside on gloomy days
  • Reading a good book. I can’t even describe the happiness that comes with having an hour to sit, relax and read with nothing to distract you.
  • Dancing. Anywhere, everywhere, to almost anything…but particularly to Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn or Katy Perry’s Firework at a wedding with my awesome Urban Family
  • Sunday Roasts.  Even the smell is healing and, obviously, they’re really really delicious!
  • Craft and Making.  This can be practically anything as you’ve probably worked out from my blog.  But nothing compares to the fun and satisfaction of playing with materials and creating something… whether it’s a beautiful cushion or a felt fried egg!
  • Fancy Dress.  Yes yes yes always and forever!  Dear all my friends, please never stop throwing fancy dress parties or going to festivals with fancy dress themes with me.  If I never again put facepaint on my face, glitter in my hair or dance around in an alligator onesie I would be so sad and low and blue…
  • When plans come together.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of something you’ve been working on for a long time suddenly clicking into place
  • Exploring.  I love going to new places and soaking up new cultures.  My travel bucket list is huge!
  • Friends.  I heart my friends.  I love them so much and they’re an extraordinarily brilliant group of people to be around, hang out with, talk to, dance with, eat with, travel with… you get the picture
  • Silver Shoes.  Just because.  If you look down and your shoes are sparkling back up at you how could you possibly do anything but smile!

What makes you happy?



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