gallery hang

Our wedding gifts

We have finally finally hung the array of beautiful artistic and handmade wedding gifts we received – hooray! If you’re a regular reader or indeed know me then you’ll  know how much I rate a handmade or personalised gift. I think they’re such a special way to show you care and have put real thought and time into what you’re giving someone. Don’t get me wrong – if you can’t knit I don’t think you should be giving out your handmade jumpers but using your own personal skills (whether that’s making your gift, drawing the card, or even just writing cute poems or jokes inside) gives a present instant depth and meaning.

For our wedding we were really keen for our guests to contribute to our honeymoon. We used a fantastic service that I came across at a wedding fair called Patchwork Present. It’s similar to the US based honeyfund but doesn’t include as many charges and is UK based – it’s also really visually eyecatching which makes both putting together your patchwork and exploring those gifts really fun and easy.

Patchwork Present proved a huge hit and we absolutely loved our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic – it was the most luxurious trip we’ve ever taken and a perfect way to begin our marriage.

martin and hannah honeymoon meal

We were also lucky enough to receive some separate gifts to this (really fun! Who doesn’t love having presents to open!). Obviously our friends and family know us very well because most of these extra gifts had an artistic or handmade edge to them.

My amazing artist buddy Flora gave us one of her beautiful circus etchings (which I have been eyeing up for about 5 years ever since she had an exhibition in a theatre we were both working at at the time). My sister painted us a portrait of the two of us from a trip to Rome we went on two years ago.  Another friend and her family (cute) made an awesome ode to craftiness with a personalised scrabble collage that spelt out words all linked to us personally (like bubbly Sunday!).  We were also given an incredible David Bowie print and a pair of drumsticks from Motorhead which we’ll of course be hanging along with the rest!

gallery hang with art prints

We’ve now hung these gifts and extended the gallery hang in our bedroom (I really love a gallery hang).  The scrabble artwork went into the hallway and the drumsticks are now in situ above our keyboard in an area quickly becoming an ode to music wall.

scrabble 001


I’m really excited to add more momentos from our wedding to this once we have our photos back. It should be a fun challenge with the limited wall space available to us in our little London flat. I’m planning a mini instagram – style photo wall, some bug prints and maybe a collage or two.

I’ve taken lots of inspiration from the homes of the A Beautiful Mess ladies. I love how they use photos and prints in such unusual ways. I’m particularly loving these giant photo booth prints  and this photo bookshelf – glorious!

How do you display art and photography in your home?


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