painted wooden beads with gold

Crafternoon How To: Gold Dipped Necklace

Gold, Gold beautiful gold – I adore wearing accents of gold in summer: make-up, accessories but particularly jewellery.  For  me the trick is to find ways to incorporate gold without ever looking over-the-top, too bling or tacky, and by combining gold highlights with a plainer texture like wood, as I have for this necklace, you get all of the glamour but none of the showiness!

In the last year I’ve become more and more interested in jewellery making. I love beadwork and playing with the patterning you can create with jewellery wire like with this multi strand bracelet, I love using different materials that offer unusual textures such as my french knitted knotted necklace, I adore colour and this shrinkie necklace offered me a great way to experiment with working with plastics. My style has changed somewhat in the last year too and while I love experimenting with crafts I also try to make items that I will use and love or that can make lovely gifts for other people. I think simplicity and clean design is key when gifting handmade (unless you know that person’s taste to the tiniest detail – then you can go wild!). These simple painted beads are chic and clean but eyecatching and I can already think of one or two people who would love to wear them.

You will need

  • Wooden beads
  • Necklace cord
  • Gold paint
  • Masking tape or washi tape

wooden beads

Step One: Tape It
Using masking tape to mark off straight lines on your beads. I loved the final effect created by mixing partially painted with completely painted beads so mix up where you tape to change the effect.

I think mine look like little sweets while they’re drying!

painting wooden beads

Step Two: Paint It
Paint the unmasked parts of your beads with gold paint. Leave them to dry.

Step Three: String It
Sting your beads onto your necklace cord and knot to secure.

hand painted bead necklace

I love the look of these beads on a long string but you could easily add jewellery fixings to make it a shorter piece. Im definitely going to experiment some more with hand painted beads using different colours and textures to see what other effects I can create.

How would you design your beads?


gold dipped bead necklace on black


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