felt gin and felt lime

Play with your Food!

You should never, never play with your food… well.. unless it’s spaghetti letters… or jenga chips…or if it’s made of felt right?  I’ve been experimenting with some little felt makes recently and I couldn’t help but pull inspiration from one of my favourite things: food glorious food.  I love working with felt because it’s so easy to sew and so versatile.  You can layer the fabric up without making it bulky, easily embroider details and it’s solid enough to create 3D objects.  I had a chilled out evening of making last week (fine – I was binge watching Orange in the New Black and catching up on episodes of Bake Off) and I started playing around with some felt food makes.

Obviously I started with breakfast… the meal of champions…

felt breakfast crafternoon cabaret club


but you might prefer the hard stuff? and who could blame you! It’s ginspirational!

felt gin and lime crafternoon cabaret club

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these little makes eventually.  I thought I might make some foodie hanging garlands so watch this space.

What do you think?


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